Patch Increases Email Ad Revenue

40% YoY Growth in Revenue




Advertising Revenue


Patch is an independent local news and information platform, operating 900+ local and hyperlocal news websites across all 50 United States. Patch supplements their revenue with advertising opportunities in their 3,500+ email newsletters using the LiveIntent platform.


Patch wanted to find ways to maximize the revenue generated from their email newsletters.


To optimize their revenue-generating efforts, Patch took a three-pronged approach.

First, Patch worked with the LiveIntent team to restructure their ad serving within the LiveIntent platform to more efficiently manage direct-sold packages, and enable LiveIntent’s predictive algorithm to efficiently allocate third-party demand across their newsletters.

Next, Patch took steps to allow programmatic demand from LiveIntent’s demand-side platform partners by adding LiveIntent to their Ads.txt.

Lastly, Patch worked with the LiveIntent team to update the LiveTags across their newsletters to support multiple ad sizes within each slot. The expanded support for multiple creative sizes increased demand for their inventory and further improved CPMs.


Patch saw a 27% greater eCPM and 40% more ad revenue year-over-year generated by their email newsletters.

“We over-paced our year-over-year revenue efforts. And it looks that if we continue to go that way, we are going to continue to grow year-over-year.”

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Raymond Baro, Senior Director of Ad Operations

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