Samuel Hubbard sees 2.5x return on ad spend with Lookalike Audiences

9,000+ conversions

2.5x ROAS




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The founder of Samuel Hubbard, Bruce Katz, came from a family legacy of shoemakers. His passion is to create the most comfortable, high-quality shoes that last a lifetime. Samuel Hubbard was established in 2014, and they’ve been helping customers find their sole mates ever since.

When Samuel Hubbard approached LiveIntent, they had a desire to diversify their customer acquisition strategy beyond search and social.


Samuel Hubbard was looking for another channel to help them attract new customers to their business. A small brand in a crowded category, Samuel Hubbard needed a new way to stand out. They believed that LiveIntent, and the email audience, offered a perfect opportunity to grow their business.


The brand worked closely with LiveIntent to devise two campaigns that would target men and women, separately, using creative concepts that featured their best-selling products. Then, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Samuel Hubbard pivoted to leverage a creative highlighting the ultimate work-from-home shoe.

With LiveIntent’s guidance, Samuel Hubbard decided to target a Lookalike Audience built from a seed list of Samuel Hubbard’s frequent purchasers. Because the audience was modeled from a group of Samuel Hubbard’s best customers and suppressed existing customers, they were able to reach entirely new consumers who would likely be interested in purchasing their shoes. This strategy proved to be more effective than gender targeting alone.


Samuel Hubbard was impressed with LiveIntent’s ability to find and acquire new high-value customers who love their shoes. With the use of Lookalike Audiences, Samuel Hubbard generated over 9,000 conversions and quickly achieved a 2.5X return on their ad spend.

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“We are really happy with LiveIntent and our partnership. They’ve proven the value of email inventory for growth marketers like Samuel Hubbard.”

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Jeff Ha, Chief Revenue Officer

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