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2x increase in qualified leads

300% cost reduction




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Since 2002, Gold Alliance has helped Americans diversify their retirement savings through purchasing gold. They help people roll over a portion of their 401k into physical gold and strengthen their overall financial security. In a unique fashion, they have excelled at helping clients diversify their savings with precious metals to protect their purchasing power.

A dominant force in the gold industry, Gold Alliance wanted to continue their growth by expanding their reach and acquiring new leads.


Gold Alliance was seeking a creative strategy to identify their core audience and convert leads into paid customers. Given that their target audience was adults over the age of 45, Gold Alliance didn't see the results they were looking for through social channels which proved costly and ineffective. They reached out to LiveIntent with the intention to reach this age group and acquire new qualified leads.


The brand worked closely with LiveIntent to generate creatives that would target a demographic of adults 45+ and drive prospective customers to fill out a form to receive a gold information kit. The ads engaged the audience by creating curiosity and enticing the best-matched consumers to learn more about gold.

When the campaign initially launched, the goal was to target audiences from a wide variety of publishers to drive site traffic. After approximately two months of conducting research, LiveIntent was able to determine the publishers that drove the most qualified leads. To continue optimizing performance, the LiveIntent team compares performance insights from Gold Alliance with LiveIntent campaign data on a monthly basis. This collaboration helps Gold Alliance keep its campaign targeted at the publisher audiences that yield the best results.


Gold Alliance has been more than thrilled with LiveIntent’s ability to get in front of the right audience and capture the most promising customers. By combining awareness-based display ads, programmatic bidding on a CPM, and extensive publisher optimization, Gold Alliance was able to generate a 2x increase in qualified leads and reduce costs 300% compared to other advertising channels.

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“With the help of LiveIntent, our brand successfully found the most relevant users and captured the audience who needs us most. Through clever ads and thorough analysis of publishers, LiveIntent helped us acquire leads and reduce our costs 3x.”

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