Embr Labs Grows Customer Acquisition Efforts with LiveIntent

  • 1,000 Conversions

  • 183% Return on Ad Spend




Online Purchases


Embr Labs is an innovative, direct-to-consumer company with a cutting-edge product: the Embr Wave. The product, a bracelet used to regulate users’ body temperatures, launched on Kickstarter in the fall of 2017. Like many D2C brands, Embr Labs focused their acquisition efforts on Google and Facebook. After achieving early success with paid advertising on search and social, the company looked to expand their customer acquisition strategy in a new channel – email.


Embr Labs wanted to diversify their media investment, find new audiences likely to respond to their product, and quickly scale customer acquisition efforts with a positive return on investment.


Embr Labs ran a campaign across LiveIntent’s entire exchange, suppressing existing customers. The Embr Labs campaign drove traffic to an informational landing page on their site dedicated to their sole product, the Embr Wave Bracelet.


In the first half of 2019, the campaign drove almost 1,000 post-click conversions, giving Embr Labs a 183% return on their ad spend. Simultaneously, the campaign’s eCPA came in just under Embr Labs’ CPA goal and performed better than previous acquisition efforts on social.

“LiveIntent has been instrumental in helping us diversify and scale our acquisition efforts. We have been incredibly pleased with our success on their platform and look forward to working with them to further scale our acquisition efforts.”

Jake Abrams, VP Marketing

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