DailySale.com Sees a 140X Return from Dynamic Product Ads

  • 10.6% conversion rate

  • 140X return on ad spend




Online Purchases


Founded in February of 2012, DailySale.com strives to perfect the e-commerce experience by closely following internet trends to find the products online consumers want and offering their customers 50-90% lower prices than traditional retailers. DailySale delivers deals to consumers each day via their email newsletters.


DailySale wanted to personalize the deals shown in each subscriber’s email newsletter to increase engagement with opened emails and increase the revenue generated from their marketing emails. DailySale worked with their LiveIntent team to focus on their most engaged audience – frequent website visitors.


DailySale decided to put LiveIntent’s Dynamic Product Ads to work to deliver daily deals catered to each of their readers. Using information collected by the LiveConnect tag on DailySale’s website, which tracks various website activities, DailySale built dynamic website audiences to target site visitors based on their interests and browsing patterns. The Dynamic Product Ads delivered in their own marketing newsletters pulled product offers from their catalog to show to people who had shopped for those specific items or related items on the DailySale website.


Within the first 30 days of beginning to use Dynamic Product Ads, DailySale saw the click-through rates for their marketing newsletters increase and start to deliver greater results. DailySale saw a 10.6% conversion rate from their product-focused emails and a 140X return on ad spend, inspiring them to leverage Dynamic Product Ads as a standard to help maximize the efficiency of their marketing newsletters.

“We knew we had customers who looked at various products on our website and engaged with our email newsletters, and we wanted to capture that interest. We’ve been able to efficiently drive more conversions from our email program by using dynamic product ads to serve intent-driven ads into our marketing emails.”

Jay Hofstatter, President

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