Unlock revenue streams you didn’t know you had

Have you ever put on jeans or a jacket you haven’t worn in a while and magically discovered cash in your pockets? That little surprise is enough to make anyone’s day. Honestly, what’s better than randomly coming upon money you didn’t know you had?

Consistently coming upon money, that’s what.

If you’re a publisher searching for ways to unlock new revenue streams, look no further than your own (digital) pockets—your email newsletters.

Email newsletter monetization

Yes, email. The very same channel you’re already using to connect with audiences is also a valuable revenue channel. By activating your newsletters for ad serving, you unlock earning potentials as extensive as your reader base, and then some. With 3.9 billion people using email, it’s precisely the channel you want to monetize and where your advertisers want to be. Your newsletters provide a logged-in environment that enables your advertisers to reach real, engaged audiences in premium inventory.

If brands and publishers learned anything in 2020, it’s the importance of cultivating audience connections and trust through personalized experiences. By leveraging your newsletter inventory, you can deliver relevant ad content to audiences that drive higher engagement rates for advertisers while securing incremental revenue for your business.

Driving growth with tech and data

Managing your inventory, driving demand, and delivering campaigns might sound daunting; however, there are solutions in the market that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, empowering publishers to make the most of their assets. For instance, LiveIntent LiveTags enable you to manage your newsletter inventory from a single platform. They also give you the speed and agility to dynamically curate ad experiences based on the criteria you provide and drive demand. But once you’re set up and start monetizing your email newsletters, it’s essential to check in on your data.

Josh Jaffe, Horoscope.com’s general manager, recently shared his learnings from running a highly successful email strategy. He said, “There’s a tendency to set it and forget it. You start to say, ‘Okay, we’ve got the newsletters set up. We’ve got layouts, ad placements, and ad strategies. But it’s really important to assess what you are optimizing for.”

Jason Schulweis, head of brand partnerships at Morning Brew, shares a similar sentiment. In a recent Real Time Banter discussion, Schulweis said that the Morning Brew team regularly monitors their data, like open rates and engagement, to continually deliver premium experiences to its readers aligned with their audience behaviors.

Make new friends but keep the old

Email may not be a sexy new advertising medium, but it’s certainly ubiquitous and here to stay. Whether you’re new to the idea of email newsletter monetization or want to refresh your newsletter strategy, check out The Monetization eBook. You’ll learn how to:

  • Activate your newsletters for ad serving
  • Drive demand for your newsletter inventory
  • Increase advertiser revenue without compromising user experience
  • Expand your audience acquisition strategy for improved effectiveness

Have questions or want to learn more? Get in touch. The LiveIntent team is always here to help.