The LiveIntent Awards

Similar to Moira Rose, LiveIntent’s favorite season is Awards Season.

Every Q1, we host the LiveIntent Awards, which consist of various accolades from the most impactful new hire to the best problem solver in the organization. Everyone in the company can nominate a colleague for each award category and include their reason for the nomination. A committee then takes the nominations, narrows them down to the top 3 nominees, and votes on a winner.

We have a total of 11 awards which all include a cash prize for the nominees and winners. It’s a great way to showcase the excellent work accomplished across the organization and honor and acknowledge the diverse talent we work with. We are lucky to have such incredible employees at LiveIntent.

Here’s a list of the awards, nominees, and winners in 2021:

The Virtuous Cycle Award

What merry goes round, comes round. This award recognizes a person that puts people first by paying forward what they’ve been given, be it knowledge, opportunity, or experience, in order to improve the lives of their customers, coworkers, or the community at large.

Nominees: Tim O’Keeffe, Mark Dunning, Christina Holstein-Rathlou

Winner: Tim O’Keeffe

Evolution requires many, many failures. This award recognizes someone who embodies that space between “ideation” and “proven solution,” and is willing to fall down over and over in order to identify the best way to stand tall.

Nominees: Gareth Evans, Kate Bennett, Nick Murphy

Winner: Gareth Evans

The Rootin’ Tootin’ Straight Shootin’ Award

Delivering the truth needs a deadeye. This award recognizes someone who is pointed, honest, and thoughtful with their feedback; someone who can shoot down an idea that might distract without disrespecting the person holding it.

Nominees: Simon Borgen, Justin Senno, Kacper Bielecki

Winner: Simon Borgen

The Elementary My Dear Watson Award

To a great mind, nothing is little. This award recognizes someone that always takes the time to collect and process all the facts and data available to ensure that every decision they make is truly driven by data – even when it might confound their cohorts.

Nominees: Katya Maslova, Moshe Zippel, Matthias Raess

Winner: Matthias Raess

The Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow Award

What’s cooler than being cool? This award recognizes a person with the uncanny ability to keep a steady hand and a cool head, even when surrounded by a maelstrom of chaos and distractions, to ensure priorities are still being met.

Nominees: Adam Yecies, Katie Quinlan, Chi Oti

Winner: Adam Yecies

The Occam’s Razor Award

Entities should not be multiplied without necessity. This award recognizes a person that can solve problems without adding complexity, strategically applying proven best practices and ideas that allow us to keep our momentum.

Nominees: Charles Ensley, Andrew Bodnar, Manjusha Ray

Winner: Manjusha Ray

Togetherness Apart Award

Togetherness is hard when you have to stay 6 feet apart. This award recognizes a persons that fosters a feeling of team, company culture, and unity even while miles apart.

Nominees: Wally Wallach, Dalton Winternheimer, Soren Frimann

Winner: Wally Wallach

The “No, please, you first.” Award

The person most likely to step back to let others move ahead. This award recognizes the person dedicated to the ideal of putting people first, making significant contributions to growing and nurturing a culture of inclusivity and belonging for everyone in the company.

Nominees: Hannah Pike, Ash Verma, Meghan Wing

Winner: Hannah Pike

The Incrementality Award

When more is really more. This award recognizes a person who has joined the company within the last year and made an impact far beyond expectations, elevating their role, their team, or the entire company.

Nominees: Mike Ward, Noy Robart, Victoria De Leon

Winner: Mike Ward

The Aw-Thank-You-Cated Bridge Award

The maestro of building bridges. This award recognizes anyone that excels as both an individual contributor and a leader, not just for their team, but across the organization. This person is an inherent mentor, door-opener, and example for everyone they work with, actively shaping the culture of the company.

Nominees: Marc Gluck, Rachel Rubin, Anna Bomersbach

Winner: Anna Bomersbach

Be Present Award

The embodiment of everything the LiveIntent culture strives to be. This award recognizes a person that could win any of the other awards listed here. No one can “be present” all the time, but this person makes an active effort, day in and day out, to live our culture and be there for their customers and coworkers in a meaningful and positive way.

Nominees: Ariel McGrath, Noah Hatfield-Biondo, Joe’l Wint

Winner: Ariel McGrath