WWI: Fireside Chat with Abby Hamilton

LiveIntent recently hosted a Fireside Chat for Women’s History Month with our very own Abby Hamilton (Chief People Officer) and Kelsey Schimmel (People Experience Manager) Check out the video recording discussion here, and a special shout out to our Art Director: Mark Dunning for his video skills:

This Q+A session gave us insight into Abby Hamilton’s road to leadership and purview into her life “beyond the title”. The event was brought to our LiveIntent Town Hall stage with the support of our BID (Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity) Framework and Women with Intent (ERG) employee resource group. The questions asked were inspired by a podcast Abby did with The HR Impact Show (check it out!!) based on the topic of giving timely and honest feedback to optimize personal and professional growth.

While the event was hosted in the NYC office with a live audience (including catering from Auntie Anne’s pretzels – a crowd favorite here), this event also had remote attendees join in from all over the US and our two international offices located in Berlin and Copenhagen. This event had one of our highest attendance rates in 2024, showing us how much our employees value the opportunity to learn from leadership.

Here at LiveIntent, we promote a healthy feedback culture, where we encourage our employees to ask for feedback and push managers to focus on giving consistent feedback outside of the standard review process. This fireside chat with Abby provided us the opportunity to reinforce this message and share both tangible examples and advice on how to best incorporate honest feedback into daily workflows.

Here are some of our favorite tips from the session:

takeaways from the discussion