Meet the LiveIntenterns of Summer 2021

On June 7th, LiveIntent kicked off its second summer hosting a (remote) internship program! With seven interns from a variety of backgrounds working across a range of teams and specializations, here is an introduction to each of them.

Meg Armstrong, Marketing Analytics Intern

Haris Ali, Revenue Operations Intern

Katie Monaghan, Programmatic Sales Intern

Alex Biedron, Direct Sales Intern

Vedika Dayal, Product Management Intern

Timothy Charles, System Operations Intern

Ruhani Nigham, Product Marketing Intern

Where are you working from?

Meg: Madison, NJ

Haris: Columbus, OH

Katie: Austin, TX

Alex: Far Hills, NJ

Vedika: Edison, NJ

Timothy: Brooklyn, NY

Ruhani: Boston, MA

What are you majoring in at school, and where do you go to school?

Meg: I just graduated from Colgate University in May, and I double majored in Sociology and Film and Media Studies.

Haris: I am a rising senior at Ohio Wesleyan University, and I am majoring in Quantitative Economics with a minor in Accounting.

Katie: Marketing major and Management Information Systems minor at The University of Texas at Austin.

Alex: Marketing Major at Tulane University.

Vedika: I’m majoring in Business & Data Science at UC Berkeley.

Timothy: Informatics with a concentration in Data Analysis. I am attending University at Albany.

Ruhani: I graduated from Northeastern University in May with a BA in Communication Studies and minors in International Business and Spanish.

What drew you to working at LiveIntent? How did you find out about the internship?

Meg: I was the Social Media Marketing Intern at LiveIntent last summer and loved my experience. In February 2020, I applied via LinkedIn and reached out to Adam Berkowitz, another Colgate alum, who is Chief of Staff at LiveIntent and has worked here for years! I feel really lucky to have found the internship program over a year ago and to still have such a strong relationship with LiveIntent.

Haris: I learned about the company and the internship program through LinkedIn. The hiring process was seamless and gave me a perspective of what working at LiveIntent would be like. The initial assessment allowed me to put my skills to action and learn about the kind of work I would do as an intern. The people who interviewed me were very welcoming, and I had a meaningful conversation with each person I met. I enjoyed doing the assessment and loved the people that I would work with and so I decided to intern at LiveIntent.

Katie: I was initially drawn to working at LiveIntent so I could learn more about the world of AdTech. However, after my interviews with the programmatic team, I knew I had to join the company as an intern because of the company’s lively and welcoming culture.

Alex: I was doing research over the winter on advertising and sales on LinkedIn when I came across the opening for the Direct Sales Intern position at LiveIntent. Shortly after, I saw that I had a first degree contact with Doyle Stack, an Account Executive here, who I have known almost my whole life and I reached out to him to learn more about the company.

Vedika: I found out about the internship through LinkedIn. I loved how people-focused the culture was. I could see it through LiveIntent’s digital presence but also through everyone I met in the interview process. Everyone was kind, enthusiastic, and willing to help.

Timothy: I found out about LiveIntent through LinkedIn. The people are really nice and that is what drew me to LiveIntent.

Ruhani: I heard about this internship through LinkedIn. I was drawn to LiveIntent by their emphasis on people-based marketing. Marketing is largely data-oriented, but is evidently about understanding people, and I liked that LiveIntent followed that.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Meg: Time travel!

Haris: Telepathy/Mind Control.

Katie: I’d love to be able to teleport! One of my favorite things to do is travel and this would make it easier for me to do that more often.

Alex: Teleportation for sure. No more long car rides, flights, or any waiting on getting to your destination. You can just teleport anywhere!

Vedika: I love to travel, so I would love to be able to fly.

Timothy: To move fast.

Ruhani: If I could have a superpower, it would be teleportation. That way I’d be able to instantly see my friends and family who live across the US and in other countries 🙂

How have your first few weeks been working at LiveIntent? What have you already learned?

Meg: Incredible! I am working under Ashley Rosenbaum, our sales enablement director at LiveIntent. So far, I have been working heavily in Highspot, Marketo, and Excel on a range of different projects, so I have really enjoyed becoming familiar with some new systems and conditioning my skill sets there. The projects I have been working on have required a lot of critical and analytical thinking, and I love the data analysis piece that diving into these systems calls for.

Haris: I am working under Mike Ward, reporting analyst, and I have learned a lot from him. The first few weeks have been amazing, I have gained a lot of technical skills within a short amount of time. I am working on projects that are helping me improve my analytical and critical analysis skills. I have already learned how to use several new systems and excel tools that I was not familiar with. Everyone at LiveIntent is very welcoming and eager to answer any questions.

Katie: My first few weeks have already exceeded my expectations! Every day is new and I never know exactly how I will spend my time. I may get to shadow sales calls with clients, learn more about programmatic buying with my supervisor Tom Ratcliffe, or dive into some optimizations in Slicer and Workflow.

Alex: My first few weeks at LiveIntent have been a great learning experience for me. I have been working directly under Kevyn who has been extremely helpful in teaching me the ad tech terminology and always sets aside time to answer any questions I have. Recently, I have been learning about the different types of campaigns and which is best for certain advertisers based on the goals they want to accomplish. Additionally, I have been working on prospecting for Tier A’s and trying to find new accounts as well as fresh contacts for our current accounts to help out the AE’s.

Vedika: I’ve loved it! Meeting the people here and the other interns has been awesome. Working under Chris Lincoln, vice president of product management, and Kate Bennett, senior product manager, I’ve learned a lot about the ad tech world and the importance of data privacy.

Timothy: My first few weeks at LiveIntent have been amazing! I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the family. Everyone that I have spoken to has consistently shown kindness and patience with me when I have asked a lot of questions. So far I have learned a lot through the guidance of Ally Green, Systems Operations Manager. I’ve learned to set up new hires for the onboarding process, gained a better understanding of how to use certain software more efficiently, able to plan accordingly for projects, and developed my communication skills.

Ruhani: I have learned a ton in my first few weeks. I’ve been following the ad tech industry and have learned about the technology, the biggest players, our partners, our competitors, and the future of the industry. I’ve also learned about LiveIntent’s solutions and how each team contributes to them.

What’s one thing we might not know about you/would be surprised to hear?

Meg: I grew up abroad for the majority of my life – London for 10 years, and Hong Kong for 3 years after that, before choosing to go to college in New York.

Haris: I can speak three languages.

Katie: I’ve been a dancer for 18 years!

Alex: During my freshman fall of college I studied abroad in Rome. It wasn’t the most orthodox start to my college experience but looking back at it, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my college career. Traveling abroad straight out of high school was a really fun and amazing experience for me and due to COVID, nobody in my grade was able to travel abroad their junior year so I was lucky enough to get an experience abroad during my four years of college which many students my age unfortunately cannot say.

Vedika: I’m currently writing a book about underdog entrepreneurship, which will be published this August!

Timothy: I enjoy playing volleyball, biking, and making music using Garageband.

Ruhani: I am a licensed bartender.

How has the experience working a remote internship been? Have there been any perks (looking on the bright side) that you wouldn’t have had if the internship was in-person?

Meg: After doing the 2020 remote internship with LiveIntent last summer, coming back has felt like an even smoother transition into the remote work world. There are certainly perks, like having no commute, but I do miss the world being in-person.

Haris: The remote experience has been much better than I expected, it honestly doesn’t feel like I am working from home. Weekly sessions with my team and other interns have kept the experience enjoyable. I feel like I am more productive now and have time for myself.

Katie: One of my favorite parts about working a remote internship is how easy it is to set up 1:1 chats with other people on the LiveIntent team. All it takes is a few clicks in Gcal and I can easily talk to so many talented people within the company.

Alex: My experience working remotely has been better than I had expected. While it definitely is a bummer to not be in the office and meet everyone I am working with, there are other aspects of working remotely that I enjoy. Being able to live at home and spend time with my family has been great and I find that as long as you can find a good space to work in, you can still be productive and accomplish everything that needs to get done.

Vedika: I was really disappointed that I couldn’t meet the team in person, but remote work definitely has its benefits too. It has allowed me to keep work-life balance and stay out of the heatwave that’s been hitting the country.

Timothy: My experience working from home has been amazing. The perks I enjoy working from home are that I am able to listen to music, get some fresh air just by walking outside for a little bit, and being able to save money on transportation.

Ruhani: Although I would have loved to meet everyone in person to get the real LiveIntent experience, remote working definitely has its perks. I can work at different cafes, I can cook food during my lunch hour, and there is no commute!

What is your favorite treat?

Meg: Anything sweet with cinnamon.

Haris: Cheesecake or anything sweet.

Katie: Trader Joe’s Rolled Chili Lime Tortilla Chips!

Alex: Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Vedika: Tiramisu.

Timothy: Apple Pie.

Ruhani: I love baked goods, but specifically scones.

What do you hope to get out of the rest of the summer working at LiveIntent?

Meg: I hope to really build upon the foundation of ad tech knowledge that I built last summer working at LiveIntent, by expanding my knowledge of the systems and terminology that we use, as well as getting a better understanding for how the responsibilities of each of the different teams sync together.

Haris: My goal is to learn as much as I can and build a lot of connections. I also hope to further improve my technical skills and leave a lasting impact on the company through my work.

Katie: I’m most excited to expand my technical knowledge and apply it to different projects that improve the programmatic team’s performance. Right now I am working on getting certified in Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 which is going to be incredibly valuable as I explore future career opportunities.

Alex: Throughout my summer working at LiveIntent I hope to learn the ins and outs of the ad tech industry and begin to master my sales skills and pitches. As of right now, I believe that working in sales is what I want to do once I graduate from Tulane and truly believe it is something I can really succeed in. I am very lucky to have been able to land this internship at LiveIntent this summer because I believe it is the perfect place for me to get started on the right foot. I have learned a ton through my first 3 weeks at the company and am ready to continue to learn and grow during my next 7 weeks. Lastly, I am hoping to build lasting relationships with other employees here and will do my best to try and get to know everyone!

Vedika: I would love to work collaboratively with people in other departments on various projects, so I can learn about how everyone’s work comes together to build a great product. My hope is that I leave the company knowing I made a concrete impact on LiveIntent’s work.

Timothy: While working at LiveIntent, I hope to gain a long-lasting relationship with my colleagues, gain a mentor to teach me how to be successful in the tech industry, and improve my skills by learning new things such as coding, new ways to communicate effectively, and building more connections.

Ruhani: I hope to learn enough about ad tech to make some sort of impact on the company, however big or small 🙂