Meet a LiveIntenter: Kacper Bielecki, Lead Software Engineer

We are taking you international as we meet Kacper Bielecki, our Copenhagen-Berlin hybrid employee! He works with both the Berlin and Copenhagen teams and travels back and forth between the two. After LiveIntent acquired Avari, a company that allowed eCommerce shops to display product recommendations in their newsletters, he got to work on technology projects on a much bigger scale. Now, he’s helping LiveIntent launch its new onboarding service. Keep reading to learn more about Kacper!

What led you to LiveIntent?

I came to LiveIntent with the acquisition of a company called Avari. We were valued by LiveIntent because we had built a product that allowed eCommerce shops to display product recommendations in their newsletters. At Avari, we had a strong technology foundation and great ideas but only a few customers. This acquisition was a big opportunity for us to make use of our technology on a bigger scale. We were really looking forward to the opportunities that LiveIntent could provide to our team.

Has your perception about email changed since working for LiveIntent?

Before coming to LiveIntent, I mostly thought about email as a tool for communication and marketing. From my experience with Avari, I knew how important it is for retention. However, by working at LiveIntent, I learned that it can also be a steady source of revenue for publishers and allow them to develop their business.

How did you get into this industry/business?

In 2012, I was hired by a company called SponsorPay. It was an adtech company that provided solutions for game publishers to monetize their audience. I am gamer myself and was impressed by how many artists and game publishers we have helped to realize their ideas. 7 years later, I am still helping advertisers reach their audiences and publishers to deliver their content.

What’s one of your favorite memories at LiveIntent?

One of my favorite memories at LiveIntent is our first offsite in New York. As I have mentioned above, I was very excited about the new opportunities that LiveIntent would bring us. We finally got to meet the people we were going to work with, learn how company operates, and discuss the details of integrating our technology with LiveIntent’s existing stack. All of this, happened in a city of skyscrapers. Which for me, coming from Europe, it was not a usual experience!

What’s your favorite part of working in the Berlin office?

I like the fact that there is so much variety in the team. We have people coming from various parts of the world – different cultures and with different interests. On Friday afternoons, we have a gathering with some drinks – it is never boring!

What’s one word you would use to describe your team?


What’s a secret talent you have that no ones know about?

I guess once I tell you, it is not a secret anymore but let it be! Not many people know that I have played more than 1000 hours in Civilization game series over last 25 years and I am still big fan of it!

What’s your favorite part about getting to work on LiveIntent’s technology?

I like difficult challenges and the adtech industry has plenty of these. Each of our advertisers and publishers have significant traffic in their newsletters and websites that can be challenging to analyze and derive insights from. We have to run machine learning algorithms on top of it in order to optimize advertiser campaigns in a very competitive environment. All of this has to be done within the constraints of more and more restrictive laws as well as each of our partners’ best interests and agreements. These are the sort of challenges I like the most!

Photography by Nicole Sweet and Anna Remarchuk.

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