Meet a LiveIntenter: Ally Salerno, Customer Success Manager

“Change is good.” That’s one of Ally Salerno’s mottos and it’s a good thing because the culture at LiveIntent has a strong focus on career progression. From starting as a Client Service Specialist, moving to a Customer Success Coordinator position and recently being promoted to Customer Success Manager, Ally has been able to grow into and succeed at multiple roles.

In this edition of Meet a LiveIntenter, you get to learn more about Ally, our resident Musical Theatre enthusiast, and the reason why so many people are excited to come to work everyday!

What led you to LiveIntent?

When I was gearing up to make the big move from Long Island to the city, I found myself networking with Sean Leigh, a fellow SUNY Geneseo alum and previous LiveIntenter. He told me everything about LiveIntent and ended up referring me for the Client Services Specialist position, which was a merged ad ops role for both the advertiser and publisher sides of the business. And now I’ve been with LiveIntent for over 2 years!

Has your perception of email changed since working at LiveIntent?

Absolutely. Before coming to LiveIntent, I had no idea about the power email has. Working in this niche digital environment has taught me about the personalized, opted-in value email has. Simply put, we all engage with email daily!

What job did you have in high school and why did you do it?

I babysat in high school and I didn’t enjoy it too much then, to be honest. But I did it because it was within walking distance of my house and I didn’t have a car. Now thinking about, it taught me a valuable lesson: how to make money within the restraints of my environment and circumstances. I guess that’s similar to how we approach helping our publishers monetize their email newsletters!

What are three things most people don’t know about you?

1. I’ve been to Disney World at least 20 times in my life (I’ve lost count!) and I know the parks so well that I don’t need to use a map

2. I was a Musical Theatre minor and participated in various shows throughout my college career, two of which I carried a lead role!

3. I’ve always loved creative writing and I’d love to get reconnected with that side of myself a bit more.

You recently got involved with the company band RIFFF…. how did that come about?

After fellow LiveIntenters kept telling me I should join, I worked up the confidence to chat with Jason Oates and join the band. It’s been such a treat to sing again! My fellow bandmates have been so welcoming and collaborative – I’m so lucky to work at a place where I can also enjoy my music passion with fellow 9 to 5’ers. I can’t wait until we book our next gigs!

What’s the greatest bit of advice you’ve been given?

My dad used to always say “change is good.” This has been my motto ever since I was a little kid and it’s stuck with me throughout my LiveIntent career. Change can be hard, it can take us out of our comfort zone, and sometimes we can’t anticipate it. But it’s inevitable throughout our lives and we can always look for the good in it. 

What’s your favorite part of working at LiveIntent?

The people. I’m surrounded by hard-working, positive, motivated individuals who are consistently encouraging each other to be their best selves and create the healthiest work environment possible. I also love the perks and events our company has for us to bond with each other and participate in activities outside of work.

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