LiveIntent Offers Marketers a Way to Market to People, With Measurement and Attribution

We were lucky enough to be quoted in Lucia Moses’ recent piece in Digiday that explores how Email Newsletters are so popular right now, and how advertisers in those email properties who don’t use a real-time solution (::cough:: LiveIntent ::cough::.) are at a disadvantage. 

The article points out that, in a scenario where an advertiser borrows a publisher’s list (“dedicated” in industry parlance) or just provides static ads that aren’t marketed to people (meaning, everyone on the list receives the same ad in the email and the ad isn’t dynamic or real-time or targeted to people. Or, not “people-based, in industry parlance), there isn’t transparency for the advertiser.

I’m proud that what LiveIntent has pioneered and developed is the most accurate measurement for a world where advertisers and publishers are increasingly falling in love with the email newsletter (not to mention that it offers attribution as well!). LiveIntent sells people-based media. The models I’ve mentioned above aren’t sold based on people, they’re sold based on the antiquated idea of lists, which encompass expected reach and expected open rates. 

With LiveIntent, we’re entirely people-based. Advertisers are only charged when their ad is opened and consumed in an email newsletter they have jumped through hoops to opt-into. With LiveIntent, brands and advertisers can not only target the CRM lists that every sophisticated Marketer develops, but they can also leverage their “live intent” (information gleaned from their site’s visitors). This is why so many brands like rely on our platform. We’re proud to offer so many ways to onboard data to LiveIntent: from Merkle, Oracle, LiveRamp, Google’s DFP, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Salesforce, to name a few. We help brands do all this without LiveIntent sending a single email. We’ve created a platform with more monthly people in the United States than the likes of Twitter and Snapchat.

And we’re helping Publishers extend their reach far beyond their opens. We’ve become central to their business and developed solutions to deliver reporting on how their marketing in email has worked online and off, thus delivering greater returns for such an important medium.

Luckily, we see the sort of advertising in email newsletters in the piece (non-real time, not marketed to people, and antiquated, technologically speaking) on its last legs. Our solution: Marketing in email, that is delivered to a person when they’re present and paying attention, is the future. 

The shortcomings of the advertising in email described in the piece is further proof that email is no longer about sending email. Email is the force behind Identity and Marketing to People. And Identity and Marketing to people is increasingly central to brands and publishers as the world’s devices proliferate and attention declines.  Email sits at the center of marketing and advertising, and when Advertisers and Publishers demand a solution that offers accurate measurement and people-based solutions, the entire industry succeeds.