LiveIntent launches first scaled native advertising solution for publishers for the email channel

New York, NY – (May 13, 2021) – LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform that reaches 200 million logged-in people each month via its 2,500 brands and publisher partners, today announced the launch of LiveIntent Native Ad Blueprints, the first scaled native email advertising solution for publishers.

LiveIntent’s new technology allows publishers to streamline ad serving and campaign operations for native ads in email while maintaining the overall newsletter design. LiveIntent Native Ad Blueprints offers a one-time tag placement to the publisher, who can then either fill the inventory with direct sold demand or from demand from LiveIntent’s demand-side platform (DSP) or third-party DSPs.

“LiveIntent believes the Publishers who double down on email are the ones that will not only see returns today, they’ll thrive in the future,” said LiveIntent CMO Kerel Cooper. “The email program makes money in the short-term for Publishers, and new and innovative formats like Native Advertising continue to show new returns for our clients.”

While industry momentum has gathered around email newsletters as a primary vehicle for driving subscriptions, so too has the trend of Native Advertising. Consumers want advertising to be less jarring and to feel like an organic addition to the content they are consuming. When native advertising is successfully deployed, Publishers enjoy better results both from consumers as an experience and from inventory as a source of performance.

However, as with all things Native, there is the question of scale. Today’s Publishers send several newsletters across different coverage areas, and the previous solution would require that the native ads be hard-coded into each newsletter. While the ads are effective, it requires an investment in resources. In order to streamline the placement of native ads in email, the new solution provides time-savings for Publisher teams that allows them to pursue other initiatives while enjoying the same revenue.

To learn more about how publishers can easily enable native advertising in newsletters, please visit our Native Ad Blueprints page.