LiveIntent fosters a supportive and engaging pet community

For many of us, our four-legged friends are as much a part of our family as the humans in their lives. This is why we’ve not only cultivated a community for LiveIntent pet owners and animal lovers alike, but we also offer several benefits and perks for our employees’ furry companions.

Keeping our pets healthy

LiveIntent helps keep pets healthy and happy by providing access to pet insurance through Nationwide. Insurance packages include comprehensive care plans with features like preventive dental cleaning, emergency services, accident coverage, and more.

The Bark Side

The-Bark-Side is one of the company’s most popular slack channels. Created in 2019 by Mark Dunning, multimedia marketing manager, The-Bark-Side provides a medium for LiveIntent pet owners to seek pet advice, share photos and stories, and find camaraderie. Of course, The-Bark-Side isn’t limited to only pet owners and welcomes all animal lovers.

Cross-community engagement

The-Bark-Side and the photos shared in the channel have been so “pup-ular,” that our employee resource group (ERG), Parents of LiveIntent, decided to host a Halloween costume event for both children and pets. LiveIntenters shared photos of their pets dressed to the nines in their Halloween costumes and were entered into a raffle drawing for an exciting prize. The event was a hit across the company — and how could it not be with pet photos like these?!

The pet community is only one of the many communities we celebrate and support at LiveIntent, as one of our fundamental values is to create a sense of belonging for all employees. Whether your interests and passions fall with pets, gaming, sports, arts and crafts, or something else, you’ll be sure to find your community here at LiveIntent.