LiveIntent Featured in eMarketer’s Email Marketing 2019 Report

When the good folks at eMarketer asked if LiveIntent would like to participate in their Email Marketing 2019 report, they didn’t need to twist our collective arm. Email is one of our very favorite topics. I was thrilled and honored to be featured in the pivotal report highlighting how email is still a leading touchpoint for both consumers and marketers.

Despite all the other distractions, email remains one of the most common activities of internet users. eMarketer estimates nearly 91% of US internet users will send at least one email each month in 2019.

Email also continues to play a pivotal role in fostering the relationship between retailers and their customers. Citing a November 2018 finding from Alliance Data, the report says more than half of US internet users subscribed to specialty retailer emails. Likewise, subscribing to emails was among the top three ways respondents said they engaged with three other retailer types – décor, department, and online – according to the loyalty and marketing services provider.

We believe that email’s importance to marketers will only grow over time, as it is one of the few channels where marketers can know they are reaching the right people, since everyone must log in to every device and email client they use to read messages. And there’s another huge advantage: Unlike other logged-in media like Facebook and Google, email isn’t a walled garden. This means marketers can use email to gain a stronger understanding of their audiences.

Consumers Have Limits

The eMarketer report also addresses a critical threat – email overload. The report cites a June 2018 statistic from Yes Marketing indicating 55% of US digital buyers ignored emails from retailers that sent too many messages.

Likewise, when the multichannel marketing solutions provider asked US digital shoppers about the frequency of retail communications in April 2019, 60% said it was just right. However, 36% said retailers sent too many emails.

LiveIntent Alleviates Pain Points

We understand the risks of email fatigue. Our email advertising solutions enable marketers to leverage their first-party data to increase their reach and frequency in the email channel – without needing to send another email.

And unlike other logged-in media channels, we believe data should flow to brands, not away from them. We’ll help you to understand who’s seeing your ads and clicking on them, as well as track conversions and calculate how we are contributing to your overall marketing goals.

We’re so proud to have our groundbreaking work referenced by eMarketer. We thrive on helping the industry understand attribution and conversions and truly conquer people-based marketing.