Jon DeGennaro brought on as VP of Identity Sales

We announced to the market this week that Jon DeGennaro would be our new VP of Identity Sales.

Jon’s successes at Drawbridge gave him the opportunity to learn what is important to the market: identity solutions that can transform previously anonymous audiences to addressable audiences, and identity graphs that provide better returns for marketers AND publishers.

Jon is shepherding the continued growth of our Identity business. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our identity solutions page.


LiveIntent Taps Drawbridge and Tapad Vet Jon DeGennaro as VP of Identity Sales
Industry Veteran to Lead Growth of Company’s New Identity Business

New York, 8/20/19: LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, today announced that it has hired Industry veteran Jon DeGennaro as VP of Identity Sales to lead growth for the company’s newly launched Identity Business, centered around its on-boarding service.

Launched in April, LiveIntent’s onboarding service seeks to right the wrongs of the industry by bringing the value of first-party data back to the brands and publishers who are able to produce it, not the disintermediating walled gardens that profit from it.  By providing publishers the ability to onboard advertiser segments directly to their first-party identifiers, this service unlocks the ability for publishers to increase their addressable inventory (including in cookie challenged environments like mobile) and allows advertisers to run more efficient campaigns by leveraging Identity at every step of the way.

DeGennaro comes to LiveIntent after serving as the VP, Enterprise Partnerships at Drawbridge for over two years. Jon held the leadership position at Drawbridge, renowned for being able to deliver cross-device identity graphs built on probabilistic modeling, until they were purchased by Microsoft’s LinkedIn platform.

“When I started selling identity solutions years ago, a large part of the sell was education,” said DeGennaro. “The market has matured significantly and there is unprecedented demand for an independent identity provider of the highest caliber quality that has proven itself. LiveIntent’s unparalleled data asset allows us to provide our customers a sophisticated identity graph like no other – enabling our customers to thrive during the upcoming cookie apocalypse. LiveIntent customers get access to the largest hash-based graph built through direct relationships with brands and publishers who execute people-based marketing with LiveIntent. LiveIntent’s graph has over 250 million verified people identified in a 1-to-1 way at its core, allowing for true people-based marketing wherever people are paying attention.”

LiveIntent’s offerings are differentiated by its flexible pricing models, customized segments (not a one-size-fits-all product) and gives its customers better control over their own first party data. The service is very easy to use and removes the dependence that marketers and publishers have on third-party identifiers.

“We’re committed to returning the power back to those who have worked hard to amass troves of first-party data in this new era where the third-party cookie is losing its prominence,” said LiveIntent President, Identity Brian Silver. “Publishers and brands have used compelling email content to drive consumers to raise their hand and ask for a deeper relationship, and that leaves them in the driver’s seat of this new era. They should benefit from it by making their inventory more addressable and increasing the effectiveness of marketing. Jon’s extensive background as a pioneer in Identity means we’ll be off to a running start.”

Marketers and publishers can learn more about LiveIntent’s Identity Business here.