How LiveIntenters spend time with loved ones

Valentine’s Day is often associated with the love a person shares with a significant other; however, it’s much more than that. It’s also a day to celebrate and embrace all areas of love in our lives. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we asked our awesome community of LiveIntenters how they spend time with loved ones (family, pets, and friends included!).

“My language of love is acts of service, so I like to throw dinner parties with lots of wine and generally just be very bourgeois.”

Sean Cooper, AVP, Information Security

“One thing I did fairly often — before things started opening back up — was to check the menu from one of my favorite local restaurants, figure out a full course meal I’d order if I were there, and try to make it at home.

Landon Carter, Customer Success Manager

“I got really into cooking over the past 2 years and so, recently, I started throwing dinner parties for my friends where I’ll cook for everyone. I did crawfish étouffée last time and it was a lot of fun.”

Ryan Adams, Technical Account Manager

“My daughter just became old enough (sturdy enough) to share a bath with her brother, so it’s been fun watching her try to splash him/climb out, then when they get out have a little dance party before the nighttime wind down. It’s also an opportunity for me to put my phone on the charger in the other room.”

Justin Senno, AVP, Customer Success

“I love to bake so I just bring people yummy stuff whenever I have the chance!”

Kayla Alarcon, Associate Graphic Designer

“My friends who live a couple of blocks away and I have a weekly ‘movie Tuesday’ where we rotate who hosts and we bring snacks. Definitely one of the highlights of my week!”

Mary Mun, People and Culture Initiatives Specialist

Our LiveIntenters really know how to have a great time with loved ones! To further support our employees, we provide a number of awesome benefits to give LiveIntenters all the opportunities they want to spend time with the ones they love. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Flexible PTO
  • 13 observed holidays / 1 floating holiday
  • Parental Leave — Up to 12 weeks of 100% net paid parental leave from day 1 of employment to support both parents, including birth, adoptive, surrogacy, and foster parents
  • Summer Fridays — Memorial Day to Labor Day office closes at 3 pm on Friday

Expressions of love (as well as self-love) can have health benefits like boosting immunity, dulling pain, and helping you live longer. Make sure to spoil yourselves or your loved ones with… well, love!

We hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine’s Day this year!

Join us!