How advertisers can prepare for 2022

It’s that time of the year again when we become simultaneously filled with joy and dread as we think back on all the things we did and didn’t accomplish in the last 365 days — just kidding! Well, sort of anyway.

With the clock counting down to the new year, advertisers must think about their strategies for 2022 and how to set themselves up for success in the short and long term — even if you didn’t achieve all the things you wanted to this year.

So, let’s break it down! Here are the top three things you should keep top of mind as we head into 2022.

Get to know available addressability solutions

While Google may have delayed the deprecation of third-party cookies to 2023, it’s crucial that you don’t sit on your hands until then. Understanding today’s addressability solutions, like LiveIntent’s nonID or The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0, can help you devise a plan for testing and implementation ahead of cookie deprecation.

According to a recent study produced in partnership with LiveIntent and Advertiser Perceptions, 92 percent of advertisers will lean on their adtech and martech partners for education and assistance on making changes to tech and identity partners. With this in mind, it’s essential to take the time early in the new year to get acquainted with solutions and their providers and discuss them with key stakeholders at your organization. You’ll be thankful you did!

Grow your first-party data footprint

Regardless of which addressability solution you choose, capturing insights that speak to your customers’ interests and preferences will be critical to business success in a world without third-party cookies. Use 2022 as your opportunity to grow your first-party data footprint with various tactics. Take ThirdLove, for example, which uses quizzes to learn more about prospective and existing customers and their needs. ThirdLove uses this information to provide customers with product recommendations and insights that can help them make purchases that best suit them. And, by collecting customer email addresses, ThirdLove can continue to nurture its customer relationship by reaching them in the engaging channel of email.

Diversify your media mix

Americans spend an average of 352 minutes a day in email — that’s a load of time. With email as part of your media mix, you can increase your messaging frequency, effectively decreasing time to conversion or acquisition. Furthermore, email newsletters are less crowded and noisy than other channels, allowing your message to stand out in contextually relevant environments. Don’t max out your performance by focusing too heavily on the same channels — consider email to drive returns and improve your CPA.

LiveIntent is here for you

Have questions on how you can leverage email to grow your first-party data footprint and reach audiences in a cookieless world? No problem. Contact us today to learn how LiveIntent can help you achieve your goals today and in the (cookieless) future by harnessing the power of email.