Your holiday checklist for campaign success

Let’s face it, while the holidays can be wonderful they can also be really stressful. And if you’re busy planning campaigns to help your brand meet its 2022 revenue goals, then you’re probably more stressed than most. So, our gift to you this holiday season is guidance on making the most of your campaigns so you can glide on into the new year with as little stress as possible.

LiveIntent’s Holiday Campaign Checklist

Like Santa Claus, we think a (check)list can help guide one’s success — regardless of whether you’re trying to deliver presents or campaigns! So, we’ve put together a few key tactics you can employ to help ensure you drive conversions this holiday season and stay on the “nice” list. Let’s take a look.

Employ a diverse media mix

This holiday season, make sure you invest in different channels, including email. This approach will help you reach audiences wherever they are and prevent channel saturation and high CPAs.

Activate your first-party data

Lean on your first-party data to unlock insights that can help you connect with your customers by creating relevant and personalized experiences. Furthermore, customer segments fueled by accurate and up-to-date data can augment those personalized experiences even further.

Use strong creative

Strong creative doesn’t mean complicated — quite the opposite, in fact. Your best bet is to keep things simple. Emphasize one product at a time, and use clear, concise language and CTAs to inspire action.

Match your landing pages to your CTA

Make sure your landing page delivers on your CTA’s promise. If you’re inviting audiences to “Buy Now,” your landing page should facilitate that action. Whatever the CTA, make sure your landing page supports it.

Inventory Shopping

When it comes to holiday shopping, ad inventory is likely not at the top of your shopping list. Regardless, before you purchase any ad inventory, consider where you’re reaching your audiences. Connecting with audiences alongside relevant content is essential to your advertising efforts and can help drive returns. LiveIntent offers several inventory packages that can help you sleigh the competition, including:

Content packages

Our content packages enable you to advertise on your preferred IAB category. Aligning your brand to similar content can help drive engagement. Are you running campaigns for an athleisure brand and looking to advertise in email newsletters with relevant content, for example? In that case, our health & fitness category could be a good fit for your campaign.

Seasonal packages

Use seasonal packages to launch ads in holiday-themed newsletters and content. You can reach those who have holiday shopping on the brain with a simple seasonal package!

Custom packages

Sometimes brands require a little more curation. That’s why we offer custom packages. With this package option, you can curate the inventory yourself rather than purchasing “off-the-shelf” packages, so, you have greater control of the inventory you buy.

Native curated packages

Our native curated packages take a dual approach to buying inventory. By combining native advertisements with vertically-aligned content packages, you can unlock all-star power. Native curated packages (NCP) enables you to seamlessly blend your messaging into premium newsletter content.

We Ho-Ho-Hope this was helpful

We hope you found this helpful and feel better equipped to tackle the end-of-year madness. Happy Holidays to you and yours!