Grow your direct sales program in email – Introducing LiveIntent’s Ad Serving Enhancements

The day has finally arrived! Roll out the red carpet and ready the fireworks – the team at LiveIntent is thrilled to showcase our new ad serving improvements. All of these tools are available today!

Direct-sold ads are the top revenue source for publishers, but we know that growing your email newsletter program can be an operational burden that’s tricky to solve for. Working out of multiple platforms can slow your team down, and not having a full view of your campaigns in your reports can cause errors to slip through. Needing to hardcode ads can be a drain, especially without the ability to optimize and strategically plan your direct-sold email campaigns. It’s difficult to scale when most of your day is spent just trying to keep up.

Whether you already have a direct sales program in email, or are looking for ways to easily bring campaigns into this channel, LiveIntent can help address these pain points and offer support for your direct-sold needs. Let’s dive into the new tools that are making a splash this summer: 

Forecasting tool

Our forecasting tool helps streamline the direct-sold campaign planning process and provides visibility, and a deeper understanding, into your available and booked impressions. You can even forecast using Adjusted Impressions for more accurate data.

Line Item overview

The Line Item Overview dashboard is your one-stop shop for line item management. You can monitor campaign pacing, review trafficking details, and easily identify which line items are performing as expected and those that need adjustment.

Coordinated sponsorship

We’ve added a new workflow to our platform, Coordinated Sponsorship, that enables you to sync multiple newsletter ads slots within a given impression for your guaranteed direct-sold campaigns, and collapse any unwanted ad slots. 

And if working in multiple platforms is too much of a drag for your team, we’ve rebuilt our Google Ad Manager integration, so you can easily extend your direct-sold web campaigns into email and manage all your campaigns and line items in one platform.

Google ad manager

Coming out of a successful beta for these new features and a revamped integration, this is what some of our beta partners had to say:

 “LiveIntent’s new and improved direct-sold tools have been a game changer for us. The Line Item Overview looks fantastic, is very intuitive, and easy to navigate. Overall, it will help isolate specific line items on a program (past and present), and give a quick snapshot of delivery, creatives serving, and other settings.”

– Carolyn Rizzo, Manager, Ad Operations, WebMD

Along with making it easier to book, manage, and monitor your direct-sold campaigns right in the platform, your LiveIntent team can offer strategic support for your email newsletter program. As email experts, we want to help you highlight the benefits of your newsletters to your internal stakeholders and advertising partners. Your clients are always on the hunt for a new channel where they can reach first-party audiences within premium content at scale. We can help you position your newsletter as the next exciting opportunity in your media kit. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a blog series called “Building Your Direct-Sold House.”  From guidance on creating native ads, to adding newsletters to your media kit, to optimizing campaigns – we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’re looking to grow your program, we’ve got tips to support you every step of your direct-sold journey. 

And there’s still more to come! We are currently in beta with other improvements to enhance your direct-sold email program further. Some highlights include:

  • A new option to book campaigns on Adjusted Impressions
  • An enhancement to Native Ad Blueprints that allows you to link up to ten different blueprints per ad slot. Maximize your native email inventory even more by opening it up to Native Open Auction.
  • Serve native and display creatives out of the same ad slot with LiveTag 3.0

We’re still accepting partners for these betas, so please reach out to your LiveIntent account manager if you’re interested in being an early tester. 

Interested in learning more about our direct-sold solutions? Read more here about how LiveIntent’s features and tools can meet your needs and contact LiveIntent today to schedule a meeting.