Direct-Sold @ LiveIntent: Coming Summer 2023 to a platform near you

Here at LiveIntent, we’ve been busy behind the scenes on some exciting enhancements to our ad server (along with a revamped integration) to help us help you meet your operational direct-sold needs. 

We’re just about ready to roll out the red carpet and premiere our new features and integration, but since you’ve been such a big supporter of LiveIntent (and the reason why we made these improvements in the first place), we wanted to give you an exclusive sneak peek at what we’ve been working on behind the metaphorical curtain:

Never overbook a campaign again

Use our forecasting tool to help streamline your direct-sold campaign planning process. This dashboard provides visibility into your available and booked impressions across your email inventory at the media group, publisher, template, ad slot, and package level. The forecasting tool also offers information around the composition of your impressions, showing attributes like Age, Gender, Device Type, and Location.

Line item overview

Get a quick pulse on your line items

The Line Item Overview is your one-stop shop for line item management. You can review campaign pacing and trafficking details for all of your line items and creatives, inclusive of both direct-sold and house efforts. You have the ability to refine your search to include past, present, and future line items, and you can apply multiple filters to customize your view. This dashboard makes it easy to identify which line items are performing as expected and those that need adjustment.

Coordinated sponsorship

Manage your direct-sold sponsorships, your way

We’ve added a new workflow to our platform, Coordinated Sponsorship, which enables you to sync multiple newsletter ad slots within a given impression for your guaranteed direct-sold campaigns, so you can collapse unwanted ad slots. We also have enhancements to our Native Ad Blueprints that allow you to link up to ten blueprints, which can vary based on demand and pricing.

Google Ad Manager Integration

Revamped integration

Based on your feedback, we rebuilt our integration with Google Ad Manager (GAM). This integration offers you a simple and familiar workflow if you wish to book and manage all your direct-sold campaigns and line items in one platform. Easily extend your direct-sold web campaigns into email newsletter inventory and leverage GAM’s reporting, forecasting, priority levels, and day/time scheduling. You can still take advantage of the Adjusted Impressions metric by reviewing your GAM reporting in the LiveIntent platform.

All of these new ad serving features are currently in beta, and we’ll be releasing them into general availability in summer 2023 along with updated blog content with direct-sold best practices and guidelines. But wait – there’s more! Along with monetizing ads in email, LiveIntent is continuing to work on other features to make it easier to optimize and target your direct-sold campaigns, and gain more insight into your reporting. Coming later this year, we’ll be sharing some product updates to maximize your native inventory along with adjusted metrics to combat machine opens. LiveIntent is gearing up to be your partner for every step of your direct-sold journey, from the opening credits all the way through the post-credits scene. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements and content coming your way!

If you find one (or two) (or all) of these features too exciting to wait for – we feel the same – please let your LiveIntent account manager know if you would like to participate in our betas. We value your feedback, and we want to know how we can continue to refine our products and solutions to enable you and your teams to work more effectively.