Global treats, sweets, and beer!

Where in the world are LiveIntent employees? Well like Carmen Sandiego, we are all over the map!

We have three vibrant office locations: Berlin, Copenhagen and New York City, as well as remote employees all around the world! As you can imagine, three different office locations and a remote workforce brings incredible exposure to a variety of different cultures. As a company, we see the value in upping our #employeeengagement game by bringing people together to learn more about the cultures of each other and of the three countries home to our offices. When we come together for culture initiatives, we work towards effective collaboration (and have a little fun – okay… A LOT of fun, along the way) as we prioritize our mission to work as #onecompanyonegoal.

So what does this look like for us? Cue in our LiveIntent Culture Squad, (a group of employees across the three office locations) who join forces on a monthly basis to plan different initiatives that bring us all together.


In February, Culture Squad facilitated the three office locations to host a Candy Exchange where each office tried German chocolates, Danish licorice and American sour candy, representing the sweet traditions from all three countries. The exchange was a sugar-coated delight, as our team members indulged in unfamiliar flavors (have you ever tried spicy black licorice?!?!), shared their favorites, and bonded over the joy of discovering new cultural delicacies.

Then, in May the LiveIntent Culture Squad kicked-off the warmer months with a Beer Exchange, where each office location tried local brews from all three countries! It was a refreshing reminder that a shared beverage has the power to bring people together and our employees sure know how to put the happy in happy hour. While they may come for the drinks, they always stay for the conversations, so what better way to ignite company culture, unite the folks in our offices and across our offices than through delicious food, candy or a fun drink!


We foresee more “exchanges” across our offices in the future! Keep up the great work Culture Squad!