Dad’s favorite newsletter

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, but this year it’s going to look a bit different.

While dads are working remotely, making sure kids get to their Zoom classes and DIYing home improvement projects on the weekends, they still find some “me time” to check out their favorite email newsletters. They just may have to escape to their man cave or lounge on the La-Z-Boy when the kids are asleep to do it.

To find out which newsletters dads love, we reached out to the dads here at LiveIntent. Learn why they enjoy these newsletters, as well as email template best practices for driving performance and increasing ad revenue.

Tech Insider

Kerel Cooper, SVP Global Marketing, says he likes to read Tech Insider from Business Insider’s newsletter. “They do a great job covering the tech industry and the latest tech gadgets.”

Let’s look at Tech Insider’s newsletter.

Make sure it’s mobile responsive

Mobile opens account for 46% of all email opens, according to HubSpot. That means your newsletter has to look great on mobile devices, especially those belonging to busy dads who may not always be at their computers.

Tech Insider adapts its layout based on what kind of device you’re using to view it. The newsletter also features big photos and easy-to-read headlines, along with a simple line summarizing each story. And if you want to keep reading, you can click the Read More button. Mobile emails should never be too text heavy or include text that’s tough to see without zooming in. Tech Insider gets that and has a perfect setup for mobile users.


Jake Burle, Director, Customer Success, says, “I love Patch’s newsletter. It’s great to see my hyper local news, weather, and activities in my neighborhood.”

Here’s what Patch’s newsletter looks like.

Use a single-column template and avoid side-by-side formats

What Patch does right is it uses a single-column template, which allows for the placement of multiple ads. This increases bid density. Patch utilized the single-column technique, as well as other recommendations from LiveIntent, to boost its newsletter ad revenue by 40% year-over-year.

Additionally, newsletter subscribers can read single-column newsletters quickly. They can scroll to see what they need without zooming in. Plus, images and text can be bigger, too, guaranteeing that newsletters are easy to view on mobile devices.


Justin Senno, Director, Customer Success, says he likes Variety Breaking News because “it makes me feel like I’m in the Hollywood know and gives me talking points in conversations.”

Here is Variety.

Incorporate above-the-fold ads

People spend only 51 seconds reading an email newsletter – it’s probably even less if you factor in homeschooling and working remotely. By putting ads above the fold just like Variety does, you can greatly increase your revenue.

LiveIntent did just that with General Mills. By taking LiveIntent’s recommendations and incorporating a multi-size ad unit above-the-fold in its newsletter, it experienced an 11% increase in high-value, bid-on impressions (YoY) and saw a 26% increase in revenue. Putting ads up top will also make your email newsletter look cleaner, ensuring a better viewing experience for the subscriber.

If you’re looking to monetize your email newsletter on Father’s Day and beyond, check out our monetization solutions.