Customer remarketing: Best practices with Dynamic Audiences

Businesses invest countless resources to create a website that captures the heart and soul of their brand and work tirelessly to attract and maintain their audience’s attention in hopes of driving conversions. So, what’s a brand to do when those consumers get distracted and navigate away from their site, only to never return? How does one keep their brand top of mind, especially when competition for consumer attention is so fierce? What can marketers do to encourage purchases amongst those who’ve expressed interest?

Dynamic Audiences: What are they, and how can they help?

If you need a way to recapture the interest of an audience and bring them back to your website, consider adding Dynamic Audiences to your toolbox. Dynamic Audiences work hand-in-hand with LiveConnect tags.

By placing LiveConnect and event tags on your website, you can gather helpful audience insights like:

  • Which site or product pages they visited
  • If they completed a purchase, abandoned their cart, or left a site form incomplete
  • When they last made a purchase

You can then use Dynamic Audiences to create people-based segments for retargeting or suppression based on these insights and events to drive full-funnel results.

How it works:

To leverage Dynamic Audiences, you’ll have to install the LiveConnect Javascript base tag on your website. Once the LiveConnect base tag is in place, you’ll gain insight into who is visiting your site. Then, by implementing event tags, you can track actions (or events) that your website visitors or audiences take, like completing a purchase, filling out a form, searching for a product, or adding an item to their cart.

Full-funnel marketing with Dynamic Audiences

Dynamic Audiences give marketers extensive control and flexibility in engaging and connecting with their audiences across the entire funnel. Let’s take a closer look at how.


With Dynamic Audiences, you can help drive engagement at the very top of the marketing funnel. With a simple site-retargeting strategy, you can ensure that anyone who visits your website is retargeted (for as long as you deem appropriate), ensuring your brand remains top of mind.

You can also leverage Dynamic Audiences to focus your ad spend on acquiring new customers only. Dynamic Audiences enable the automatic suppression of website conversions, so you can rest assured that your targeting efforts are precise, only reaching those who’ve yet to convert without manually updating audience lists.

Interest & Desire

Dynamic Audiences can help you capitalize on those potential customers who have expressed explicit interest in and desire for your products and services. For example, you can create Dynamic Audiences based on specific landing page URLs. Say your brand, a sporting goods business, recently launched a winter sports line. You can create a Dynamic Audience of those who visit that specific URL. This way, you can retarget that audience with ads that relate to what they’ve expressed interest in, your new winter sports line, rather than ads that may not be as relevant to them, like water sports or cycling.


With an event tag on your Add to Cart page, you can retarget those audiences who placed items into their cart but didn’t follow through with a purchase. This is a powerful tool for reaching those who have expressed a strong desire for your products and might be further down the marketing funnel.

Dynamic Audiences can also help you drive engagement with existing customers based on how long it’s been since their last purchase. This approach can be particularly helpful in driving engagement with lapsed customers or those who have purchased a product that needs to be replenished or replaced periodically, like pet food, beauty, or bath products.

Dynamic Audiences keep consumers interested in your brand

Start capitalizing on customer interest for your products and services by re-engaging them with content and messaging that encourages them to learn more and take action. With Dynamic Audiences and hashed emails as your deterministic identifier, you’re guaranteed to reach the right people at the right time with the right messaging.