Being present during times of uncertainty

Like many companies, LiveIntent has recently had to transition into the world of virtual meetings, conferences and networking. But that has not stopped us from being present, fostering personal and professional growth, and giving back to the community. On account of the virtual shift, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with Givsly (formerly known as Lucky Forks), an organization that was created to drive business through a culture of purpose while creating an impact. We were excited that many of our LiveIntent employees had the opportunity to participate in charitable and personal growth focused events. 

Here are a few of our favorite events that we have participated in so far:

The Elizabeth Dunn’s Happiness 101 Keynote & Q&A

This Q&A provided a current look at the science of happiness and gave the attendees knowledge on the best strategies in promoting well-being for their teams, organizations, families and themselves.

“Be social, be kind, be present, be honest with colleagues if you are not in the best space (physically or mentally) to focus. Have self-compassion during this time, we are going through a lot of changes and it’s ok to not be so hard on ourselves.”

Abby Hamilton
SVP, People Development

The Meyers Growth Method: Led by Gale Meyers, Head of Strategic Partnerships at LUMA Partners.

This webinar used proven strategies to help identify blockers that could be preventing someone from reaching a more purposeful personal and professional life. Our attendees “walked away” from this virtual event with tools to turn what they learned into action.  

“This was a program that we could all learn from in terms of how we can develop ourselves to have the same goals, values and understanding in order to grow either in our roles at LiveIntent or for our own personal growth.”

Nate Greene
Director, Campaign Success

Be Your Own Pastry Chef With Culikid

Lastly, was the Givsly5 Be Your Own Pastry Chef With Culikid. CULIKID is a non-profit dedicated to developing healthy culinary programs for individuals with special needs.

Our LiveIntenters put their baking skills to the test and were sent a baking kit of all of the items needed to bake one of our favorites, Smores. This fun baking challenge taught them an easy way to create a healthy dessert at home and then share their final dessert to create a greater impact. 

 “The fundraiser element was great and the fact they had kids join in to talk about their experiences was heartwarming. We felt that this experience was a great team building exercise to get to know fellow employees and other business professionals. It also motivated them to be more involved in giving back to their communities and encouraging more LiveIntent teams to participate in experiences like this.

Ashley Rosenbaum
Sales Enablement Marketing Director

During a time when so much is up in the air, it’s more important than ever to continue to participate in events that allow us to connect and build relationships with other business professionals and clients. We strive to focus on giving back, bringing awareness to organizations in need, and have fun in the process.

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