Amplify your Brand Awareness with Email

The importance of marketing channel diversification & brand awareness

Performance marketing leaves brands vulnerable to channel saturation. When you focus solely on converting audiences within a channel, especially those that have already expressed interest in a product, you risk of exhausting the supply of potential customers in that specific channel. However, diversifying your channels reduces reliance on one or two channels to drive business. So, if one channel fails, you’ll have two or three others to fall back on.

Furthermore, by focusing on channel diversification and brand awareness simultaneously, you can gradually drive visibility, interest, and demand for your product or services across several channels. This will lead your business to experience higher conversion rates over time.

Cozy Earth leveraging sponsorships and native units

Building brand awareness with email and native ads

If you’re wondering how to start building brand awareness and diversifying your media mix, we’ve got a suggestion: Start with email.

With more than 4 billion global users, email is just the right channel to drive reach and engagement. And, with partners like LiveIntent, you can leverage a variety of ad formats and custom creative in email newsletters to deliver the right message and impression to your desired audiences.

Native ads, for instance, have an editorial quality that discreetly captures attention. With native ads you tell a story and drive to landing pages that further explain product details and educate customers about your offerings. They also help you avoid a hard sell and drive brand awareness and consideration.

When combined with native ads, display ads can help usher customers down the funnel. Once people see a native ad for a brand, it breeds a sense of familiarity and trust over time. Then, once that person gets targeted with a display ad, they’ll be more inclined to view the ad, engage with it, and eventually make a purchase.

Cozy Earth using audience targeting solutions

LiveIntent also offers audience targeting solutions that drive engagement at every stage of the customer journey. With the right audience-targeting solution and ad format, advertisers can drive awareness and influence across the entire customer journey.

In short, brands need to think beyond performance marketing to cut through the noise. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of performance marketing will help you augment it with other channels, tactics, and strategies. Build brand awareness across multiple channels, including email newsletters, to guide customers down the funnel. Performance marketing can then do what it does best: convert customers and increase sales.