5 Years with LiveIntent

Though it may be a new year, at LiveIntent, we have a group of seasoned individuals we want to celebrate. We got a group of LiveIntent Veterans (5+ years) together in some of their favorite shirts from over the years and asked them some questions on what’s kept them here for so long.

What’s kept you at LiveIntent?

“LiveIntent has grown and changed so much in the past six years and it is an honor to be along on this ride. I am constantly learning from the wonderful people around me. I can see the evidence of the benefits of my work each day. I work across four amazing platforms in an advanced role and that keeps me on my toes!”

Eleni Palmos
Director of Digital Billing

“The people. I’ve built some solid relationships outside of work with people here.”

Dio Pulicay
VP, Supply and Demand

“I think our unique positioning in the ad tech ecosystem and ability to service across all facets of the digital landscape has kept me challenged and excited to stay LiveIntent. I have also been given lots of mobility in my career to keep me engaged and challenged.”

Adam Boardman
VP, Sales

“I think the thing that has influenced me the most in staying at LiveIntent is the combination and consistency of two things – I am always learning and I enjoy working with everyone every day. It’s hard to stay at a place when you’re missing one part of that equation.”

Chris Chen
Director of Customer Success

What’s your favorite way LiveIntent celebrates success?

“It’s always great to have the offsite in Q1 and have members in from the international offices. There is always a great party that LI host to celebrate the previous year and get ready for the year to come. It’s nice having this time to connect with the different offices and come together as a full company.”

Drake Naples
Sales Director

“The LiveIntent Company Awards we have every year during the company offsite are my favorite, because it is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of individuals across the company. What’s great about it isn’t even the awards themselves, but the pure joy and positivity everyone has at seeing their coworkers recognized.”

Nick Dujnic
VP, Marketing

We look forward to the new year and the new memories it will bring us!