The Grommet Drives Growth With Customer Acquisition

  • 50% lower CPA

  • 750% YoY Growth




Email Acquisition


The Grommet is an online marketplace and product discovery platform for early-stage consumer products of independent makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. When they began working with LiveIntent, they were a young and rapidly growing company, working to acquire high-value customers.


The Grommet wanted to grow their customer base by acquiring newsletter subscribers and converting them into active, engaged customers.


They ran customer acquisition campaigns, focusing on email capture and newsletter subscriptions, across the LiveIntent exchange of newsletters.


The Grommet served over 1.2 billion impressions over the course of a year. On average, the acquisition campaigns across the LiveIntent exchange yielded 2x greater CTR and 50% lower CPA when compared to their digital ad spend on other channels. LiveIntent was The Grommet’s top-performing advertising platform, helping to fuel 750% year-over-year growth.

"We poured in as much budget as we could find into LiveIntent...and to this day, it remains our top performer, getting the majority of our budget."

Katherine Klinger, Director of Marketing

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