WFH tips for parents


Like many parents around the world, the parents of LiveIntent are adjusting to working from home and sharing their workspace with their children.

Watch the video to learn some of the tips and tricks – from allowing pjs everyday to keeping your airpods in all day so that you can pretend that you’re on a call – that are helping them balance being present with both coworkers and family.

Here are of some of our favorite pieces of advice:

Know the difference between work and family time

Whether you’re working from your couch or in your personal “lair,” it’s easy to lose track of time and get lost in work. Make sure to schedule your time out so there’s a clear break between when work time ends and family time begins.

Parents, take a break!

In addition to having a clear end to the workday, it’s important to find time to be with your kids or “hug them, kiss them, and hang out with them.” Even if you have back-to-back-to-back Zoom calls, stepping away from your desk to say “hi” can be meaningful.

Get creative with your work setup

Optimize your workspace to best suit your needs as a parent. For example, Art Director Hannah Pike uses her second monitor to entertain her 5 month old with Netflix Kids as she designs on the other screen. If done right, you can even gain a little intern!

Organize work apps on phone for easy access

Being on baby duty during work hours means having to step away from your computer at times. Organizing all your work apps on your phone into one section can help keep you accessible to your team and avoid any lapse in communication. That way, you can be present for both your child and your team.