Using A Unified Auction to Get The Most Value From Every Impression

What is a Unified Auction?

Unified Auction is a strategy where publishers’ non-guaranteed direct-sold campaigns, marketing promotions, and third-party demand via DSPs can competitively bid in a single auction for each available impression. By allowing publishers to prioritize these ad fill strategies, Unified Auction ensures publishers receive the highest bid for their impressions and fill as many impressions as possible.  

When advertiser demand is low, enabling a Unified Auction allows the LiveIntent platform to fill available impressions in a publisher’s newsletter with their own promotional campaigns. Publishers can use their first-party data to target subscriber segments and leverage website visitor behavior for retargeting.

When advertiser demand is high, the LiveIntent platform will optimize to the highest bid across the publisher’s accepted demand sources. Accepted demand sources can be any combination of promotional offers, non-guaranteed direct-sold campaigns, and programmatic buyers via the LiveIntent DSP or our third-party DSP partners.


  • Maximize the value of each impression
  • Fill as many impressions as possible
  • Prioritize demand based on performance goal

Client Success Story

A leading hotel chain implemented Unified Auction allowing them to use 41% fewer impressions to achieve the same monetization revenue. This allowed the extra impressions to be used for their promotions. Of two promotions run, 1) a newsletter sign-up promotion saw a conversion rate of 17% at a 40% more effective cost than other internal methods and a 2) bonus offer promotion saw a click-through-rate that was 8x higher than previous company benchmarks.

How do I get started?

To get started with Unified Auction, you’ll need to: 

  1. Place a LiveTag in your email newsletter.
  2. Set performance goals (CPC, CPA, CPM) for your promotions served in your newsletters.
  3. Specify the demand sources you want to accept from non-guaranteed direct-sold campaigns, newsletter promotions, LiveIntent DSP, and third-party DSP.

Contact your LiveIntent account team if you are an exiting client. If you don’t currently work with us, click here to reach out and we’ll be in touch.