The Stars Align for and Email is Central to Their Success

Publishers are learning how to survive in an era where they are under increasing threat of losing their advantage to the triopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. According to eMarketer the triopoly accounts for more than 60% of digital ad spend.

Digiday recently wrote a profile of, whose parent company, Inc., has been a longtime partner of LiveIntent. Astrology, for the digital era, has had a lasting power thanks in large part to how savvy they’ve been in not ceding total control to platforms they don’t own and maximizing the value of channels they do control – like email.

Astrology acknowledges that “it has more than 4 million email subscribers across 15 different email newsletters,” many of which we help them to monetize more effectively and efficiently.

We were very honored to be quoted in the story, and our message is the same:

For Publishers under threat from “The Triopoly,” the email channel can be the bridge from relying on third-parties to being fully independent and beholden to no one. It is our ambition to help every Publisher we work with take full advantage of the power of email, unlocking the potential of their own logged-in media channel outside of the walled gardens of Facebook, Amazon and Google, and ameliorate their dependence on the walled gardens for audience and distribution.

We’re looking forward to the rest of 2019, where we look to bring Publishers like even more revenue-generating features that will continue to increase the value of their email newsletter inventory, as well bringing more of what makes their email inventory so valuable to their website monetization strategies, as well.