Spring Forward Event 2024

LiveIntenters were craving in-person collaboration and connection, so we jumped into action (errr… we SPRUNG into action). This March, we brought together our New York/US remote teams for an in-office collaboration day and followed by a fun celebration which we adorned with the name, “Spring Forward.” The inspiration for the event came from feedback we received in our Engagement Surveys and the recognition that being together in person helps to increase communication, connection, and productivity.

Spring Forward is a nod to the way that partnering in-person accelerates communication, connection, and productivity. With one of 2024 Company OKRs being to Create a Unified Culture of Growth & Efficiency, holding this Spring Forward event was a great way to build on this and act on feedback received in recent Engagement Surveys!

The day before the Spring Forward event was dedicated to a Senior Leadership day where senior leaders focused on accountability, collaboration, and alignment.  With not all US leaders localized to the New York City area, it was a great opportunity to meet cross-functionally, showcase 2024 progress, ask questions, and identify areas where we can increase collaboration between departments. The success of the day led to the leadership team deciding to get together in-person on a more regular basis – there is no question, some things are just better when we’re together.

The day of Spring Forward was an exciting array of trainings, panel discussions, team activities, and meet and greets. With over 140 people in our New York City office, LiveIntenters took advantage of the opportunity to be together in person strengthening relationships, problem solving, and innovating. 

The day concluded with a celebration at The Moxy Hotel in downtown New York City, where LiveIntenters were able to hear the results of our 11 “Superlatives” awards and continue the fun with food, drink, and lots of conversation. LiveIntent’s very talented Matt Melio, a Publisher Development Specialist, DJ’ed an incredible set to kick off the celebration – shameless plug for Matt’s playlist here

Spring Forward was a huge success and being together in person truly helped to unify our culture and propel us forward into the rest of 2024! 

PS check out some of the creative team bonding that took place throughout the week!