Meet the LiveIntenter(n)s

LiveIntent has brought back their internship program for college students this summer! The current state of the world has us all working from home in the form of a 10-week remote internship program. Instead of working on the giant green bean bag and looking out at the Freedom Tower in the New York Headquarters, we are working alongside our pets and families. Want to hear more about what being a remote LiveIntenter(n) is like? Keep reading.

First things first, who are they?

Meg: Social Media Marketing Intern


Kimberly: Product Marketing Intern


Christian: Business Operations Intern


Danielle: Project Management Intern


1. What are you majoring in at school, and where do you go to school?

Meg: I am a Sociology and Film/Media Studies major at Colgate University in upstate NY. I’ll be a senior this fall.
Kimberly: I’m a rising junior at the University of Southern California, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Psychology.
Christian: I am a junior, majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.
Danielle: I am a Computer Science and Economics major at Lafayette College in PA, and I am a junior.

2. What drew you to working at LiveIntent? How did you find out about the internship?

Meg: I applied through a LinkedIn job posting, and also reached out to Adam Berkowitz here at LiveIntent, when I saw through LinkedIn that he has worked here for years and also went to Colgate. We emailed back and forth and he was super helpful throughout my interview and application process!
Kimberly: I found out about the Product Marketing Internship while I was sifting through job postings on LinkedIn. As I did more research on the company, what stood out to me most was LiveIntent’s passion for people, portrayed in their mission to foster meaningful relationships and human connection. LiveIntent also has a culture of innovation, collaboration, as well as employee engagement and support, which aligned with the values that I was actively seeking in a company throughout my job search.
Christian: LiveIntent’s innovative position and services within the AdTech industry drew me to working here. I found out about the internship through LinkedIn and a family friend.
Danielle: I found out about the internship on LinkedIn and it was the different people who interviewed me that drew me to LiveIntent. Chi was great in helping me find what would be the best fit based on what I wanted to do. I learned a lot about Project Management from my interviews with Ariel and Ana. And Bri was always there to check in and answer any questions.

3. How have your first few weeks been working at LiveIntent? What have you already learned?

Meg: I have been having a great time so far! Every person I’ve spoken with has been so excited, welcoming, and super friendly about answering any questions I might have in calls or meetings. I feel like I’ve already learned a ton of AdTech terminology and concepts that I didn’t have exposure to before coming into this internship, and it’s now become a real interest of mine. I’ve even started listening to some AdTech podcasts – MarTech Zone and Talking Stack are two of my new favorites.
Kimberly: My first couple of weeks have been amazing! Everyone I’ve met has been so warm and welcoming. In the past two weeks, I’ve already gained valuable knowledge and insight on the AdTech industry and how LiveIntent’s unique products and services respond to the state of digital marketing in our world today.
Christian: My first few weeks at LiveIntent have been excellent! I’ve already developed familiarity with several new systems.
Danielle: My first few weeks have been great. I have learned a lot about the different stakeholders that make LiveIntent successful and I feel like I have definitely seen improvement in my organizational skills and my understanding of the different Adtech terms.

4. What do you hope to get out of the remainder of the summer working at LiveIntent?

Meg: It’s amazing how much I have learned already in the first two weeks, so I can’t even imagine how much I will have learned looking back over the full ten week experience. I’m excited to become increasingly comfortable with the software that we use to analyze our marketing growth, and more confident in my knowledge of the AdTech world.
Kimberly: I look forward to gaining hands-on experience in product marketing, learning from my team, and embracing the professional and personal growth that will come from this internship! I also hope to acquire technical and qualitative skills that are applicable across various industries and sectors of business.
Christian: I hope to build upon my technical skill set and learn more about improving the functionality of a business.
Danielle: I hope to make a lasting contribution to LiveIntent while improving my organization and leadership skills.

5. How has the experience working a remote internship been? Have there been any perks (looking on the bright side) that you wouldn’t have had if the internship was non-remote?

Meg: Before the internship began, I was excited to start but unsure of what to expect working remotely. Now that I’ve been doing it every day, I actually really like it. Although I was really looking forward to working in person in the office with all the LiveIntent employees, I have been making the most of the work from home lifestyle by having my own “office” setup in my house, and appreciating that my “commute” is a lot shorter than it would have been 🙂
Kimberly: While I was initially disappointed, working remotely definitely has had its benefits! For one, it’s allowed for a great work life balance. My sister and I are both working Eastern Time back at our parent’s house in the Bay Area. Although our morning grind starts early at 6 AM Pacific Time, we’re able to spend the latter half of our days going on runs and trying new dinner recipes together. Another perk, perhaps the most important, is spending more time with my parents and my dog!
Christian: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working remotely this summer. Since I can now work from home, I get to spend more time with my family and friends in Florida.
Danielle: Afternoon walks and having meetings while sitting outside is definitely a perk. And of course, I can wake up later in the day!

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