LiveIntent Recognized as One of the Hottest Companies of 2019

LiveIntent Recognized as One of the Hottest Companies of 2019

Each year, Business Insider, one of the most expert publications in our space, surveys the world of ad-tech and mar-tech and digital advertising, and comes up with a list of the most promising companies in that space

We’re beyond thrilled to be recognized as one of the hottest companies in the space for 2019, joining giants like LiveRamp, Xandr, Index, and The Trade Desk, and nimble innovators like TripleLift, Innovid, and Beeswax.

LiveIntent recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Our core platform, delivering relevant ads to people irrespective of device, channel, and platform, has long been considered industry best when it comes to running acquisition, awareness, and branding campaigns. 

We were able to bring every innovation that had fueled online advertising and the rise of social media to the email channel, where studies have shown consistently, over and over, people are most receptive to hearing from brands. 

But, 10 years in, LiveIntent is still innovating. Our buzzy Identity Solutions has been the talk of the industry this year, garnering us high praise at conferences and publications like AdWeek. Our aim remains simple: we believe that data should flow to brands and publishers, not away from them. We’re committed to helping Publishers continue to succeed, and not be encumbered by industry-wide changes that might attack the value of their inventory. We are helping Publishers succeed in a future where the cookie is no longer the lingua franca of intent. Similarly, we are helping Brands navigate a world where the cost to acquire customers continues to rise. We are helping brands continue conversations with people in a consistent manner, irrespective of device, channel, or platform.

The fact that we are still at the cutting edge of digital marketing is a testament to the durability of the email address. When we began LiveIntent, email was seen primarily as a tool for sending and receiving email. Fast forward 10 years, and it’s become clear that the email address is a Publisher and Brand’s asset that will allow them to market to people and understand Identity no matter what the industry throws at them. 

The email address and the email channel are the gift that keep on giving, and even in today’s environment, it’s the foundation for better understanding people and catering to them. We’re able to help consumers by giving tools to Publishers and Brands that let them extend permissions granted online into the email channel.

As a new era of digital marketing and advertising begins, LiveIntent is very proud to continue to be an innovator of it.