LiveIntent named one of the hottest adtech companies of 2020

It’s tough to tout good news after this past year. But, given the struggles 2020 brought to the world, we also know you can’t take anything for granted. And we certainly don’t.

We’re proud to share that, for the second year in a row, Business Insider has recognized LiveIntent as one of the hottest adtech companies of 2020. Given the wealth of adtech and martech solutions out there, it’s not something we take lightly. We’re honored to be recognized alongside industry giants like LiveRamp, Magnite, TripleLift, and The Trade Desk.

LiveIntent named one of hottest adtech companies of 2020 by Business Insider

For more than ten years, LiveIntent has helped publishers and brands deliver relevant ads to people across devices and platforms. Through the never-ending changes in advertising and social media, we’ve known that one channel remains consistent and engaging: email. It’s the place where people most want to hear from brands. Furthermore, it continues to be the prime solution for running acquisition, awareness, and branding campaigns that deliver results.

Email is powerful

The power of email has never been more evident. As businesses scramble to prepare for the death of the third-party cookie, they’re searching for a comprehensive solution to their identity problem. And they can find it in the email address. People use email to log in to nearly every website, eCommerce portal, social platform, and of course, their inbox. Since the start of the pandemic, email subscriptions and engagement have skyrocketed, as people have grown hungrier for high-quality, curated information.

As LiveIntent CMO, Kerel Cooper, said in a recent MarketingTrends podcast, “More people are waking up in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and opening up their inbox. Gone are the days of opening up your door and there’s the newspaper on the front step. [The newspaper] is now your inbox. And I think publishers and brands recognize that.”

LiveIntent helps publishers match their customer data to our identity graph as an alternative to cookie-based targeting. With this approach, publishers collect owned, first-party data and take back control of their tracking and targeting outside the walled gardens of Facebook and Google.

So we’re not surprised that, for more than ten years email has proved its worth against all other channels. And, as advertising continues to face changes, we’re proud to keep innovating and helping The industry deliver results with LiveIntent.

Congrats to the hottest adtech companies of 2020!