At a remote-first company with team members sprinkled from across the US, Germany, Denmark and the UK, bringing everyone closer, given the distance, is quite the fun puzzle! The Asian Alliance community, supported by our Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leaders, came up with a great idea: how about a speed-dating style event resembling speed-dating, without the awkwardness? And voilà! The concept of a remote Connect 4 tournament was born! Next was to get ready to connect and have some fun!

LiveConnect 4 illustration

The goal of this initiative was to encourage more conversation and connection across employees who don’t get to work together every day or maybe have never even met. The outcomes were ten-fold. There was a participant Slack channel created where folks could share tips on strategies, engage in a little friendly competition talk and cheer each other on! We even had employees bring a 3D Connect 4 game to the office to play it in person because they both lived locally.

I spoke with Ajay Rishi, one of the Leaders of The Asian Alliance ERG to learn how he came up with this engaging idea and he shared, “We recognized people’s enthusiasm for friendly competition, especially when there are enticing prizes at stake. Combining these ideas, we set out to devise a game that would randomly pair participants, be quick to play, possess worldwide familiarity, and that’s how we arrived at the idea of a company-wide Connect 4 competition. Interestingly, LiveIntent offers a product named LiveConnect, which our clients can integrate into their websites for site retargeting and conversion tracking. Hence, we named our competition “LiveConnect 4!”

It was a fun way to CONNECT remotely + a catchy name, which is basically the perfect recipe. We continue to push the envelope for innovative ideas on how we can enhance company culture, and are grateful for our LiveIntenter’s, like Ajay and the Asian Alliance Leaders for helping us do so.