Kochava and LiveIntent partner to unify and expand audiences across all devices and bring identity resolution to brands and publishers for a first-party world

Integrating Kochava IdentityLocker™ and LiveIntent nonID to leverage anonymized IDs with over one billion authenticated email connections for a new identity pathway forward

Kochava, the leading attribution platform for real-time data solutions for mobile and connected devices, and LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, today announced a partnership to enable marketers and publishers a privacy-safe identity solution to transact and match first-party data. This powerful partnership leverages the 2,500+ publishers across the LiveIntent network who reach over 290 million verified people. LiveIntent’s addressable, logged-in audience is one of the largest in the United States.

The companies will integrate Kochava IdentityLocker™, LiveIntent nonID, and Kochava IdentityLink™ for a powerful new identity solution. The integration enables advertisers, publishers, and infrastructure ad-tech vendors to onboard their first-party data and engage with counterparties for activation, targeting and measurement.

Kochava recently announced IdentityLocker™, a unified privacy-first identity solution that enables demand- and supply-side platforms to onboard their own first-party data, prompt for user consent, and attach resource grants for usage on activities like deterministic targeting, while enabling permission-based rules for the first-party owner of the data.

“Where so many saw a rift in the universe with all the changes this year, we knew it was a great opportunity to create a stronger ecosystem,” said Charles Manning, Founder and CEO at Kochava. “On the heels of launching our new privacy-first identity solution in IdentityLocker™, our partnership with LiveIntent solidifies what we already believed to be true. We are thrilled to roll this out to ensure brands and publishers have the best solution to power their business forward.”

The LiveIntent nonID, an identifier that bridges Publishers and Brands to the ecosystem, was built to empower current Identity offerings, not replace them. The nonID, with its 1:1 relationship to an email address that sits at the heart of Identity, is open and connects to all Identity offerings and solutions. It is engineered with consent and security in mind and is not reversible.

“We built our solution for everyone who has already invested time, money, and resources into their own Identity setup to see value out of that investment,” said LiveIntent President Brian Silver. “Leveraging our nonID in concert with Kochava is a manifestation of that vision. Working with Kochava, we’re steeling Brands and Publishers to thrive in a new era where first-party data dexterity is the key to success. With Kochava, we’ve built a bridge to the ecosystem for the first-party data that brands and publishers have worked so hard to acquire. We are the largest email hash to cookie player in the US market, and Kochava is the leader in the email hash to Mobile Device space. Together, we’ll be able to achieve unprecedented scale for our shared clients, and all in an easy to use self-serve model.”

Many of the top DSP’s and SSP’s currently support the LiveIntent solution. Through this partnership, Kochava IdentityLocker™ datasets can now be activated through these existing connections, thereby democratizing Identity and putting power back into the hands of publishers.

Reach out to [email protected] today to learn more about our partnership.