InEmail product carousel transforms traditional emails into frictionless shopping experiences

Retail-travel-commercial media networks among first adopters of technology as email embraces being next frontier of retail and commerce media

LiveIntent today announced the launch of its new offering: InEmail Carousel for Product Promotions. The offering is built for Retailers and Brands who send email. InEmail Carousel combines the LiveIntent Ad Decision Engine with a creative engine to render the creatives in the carousel.

The interactive technology allows for a carousel preview of up to 10 promoted products, giving subscribers a sneak peek of the products before the email from the brand is opened. The products shown are chosen from a programmatic auction held by LiveIntent in real-time, based on bid, email content and user characteristics. LiveIntent’s research shows this drives engagement with the email over 50x, allowing brands to get more from their email superpower all without sending another email.

The offering makes email newsletters and alerts from retailers and brands, often referred to as the “next frontier for Retail and Commerce Media” more shoppable by linking directly to the Product Detail Page (PDP), mimicking the behavior on the retailer or brand’s site or app. The dynamic unit showcases products and offers using personalization powered by first-party data and LiveIntent’s proprietary Decision Engine and Identity Graph, which uses Artificial Intelligence and data modeling to select the most appropriate promotions for the consumer.

“As more retailers dive into becoming their own media networks, they’re realizing their existing onsite media programs can be extended to their owned and operated email channel. Email represents addressable inventory with targetable audiences and improved measurement. This offers retailers more scale to secure more dollars from more brands,” said LiveIntent VP Product Management Mike Pisula. “LiveIntent built this offering to separate the signal from the noise, allowing retailers to stand out in the Promotions tab. While a carousel unit has become commonplace on the web and in-app, this is the first time this type of unit is available in email.”

The unit is auction-based, programmatic, and measurable and makes it possible for a brand’s promotions to reach the right shopper at the right time. LiveIntent’s offering is able to dynamically render up to 10 items in the carousel unit. The unit that’s previewed can either be set manually, or can be optimized using LiveIntent proprietary AI.

Because the unit is in the logged-in and measurable email channel, it’s easy to make this tactic part of a holistic, omnichannel marketing program. LiveIntent is able to give data back, allowing for brands to take their learnings and leverage them across their marketing efforts: empowering data-driven planning spanning across devices, channels, and platforms.

Email is already the trusted channel for customer relationship management and marketing automation for brands. Email sits at the heart of marketing for brands. LiveIntent allows commerce media, retail media etc. to unleash the superpower of email while equipping these brands who are both publishers and advertisers with insights and addressability at scale to drive more revenue.

InEmail Carousel comes with flexible pricing options that ensure that brands get the most from their investment. Choose the pricing model that best aligns with your campaign objectives and budget.