How can we show up for each other? An update on our ERG Framework!

Are you as shocked as we are that we are already well into the second half of 2023? They say time flies when you’re having fun and we must toot our own horn here because the LiveIntent Employee Resource Group (ERG) framework is making it soar. From February to June of this year, our six communities (Asian Alliance, BlackIntent, Juntos, Parents of LiveIntent, PrideIntent & Women with Intent) put together 13 total community events to bring people together, while also working on 5 resources to support the mission and vision of each community.

ERG Framework

But it’s not just fun and games, these ERG leaders are putting in time, effort, and passion to bring that all to life and we want to share a brief highlight on some of what they’ve been up to. 

Each month, the ERG leaders meet as individual communities with support from the People Development team to execute their events and initiatives. Here’s just a few from this year!

  1. Asian Alliance organized a Panel discussion featuring three identified AAPI folks to share their experiences growing up in their respective cultures and workplaces. 
  2. BlackIntent organized a featured lunch from a local Black-owned business to honor Black History Month. 
  3. Juntos planned their quarterly Cafecito chat where LiveIntent employees can come together to simply connect.
  4. Parents of LiveIntent hosted a roundtable discussion for tips and tricks on summer planning, limiting screen time and also provided an open forum for any other topics that were top of mind for LI parents and caregivers. 
  5. PrideIntent hosted a hybrid comedy show and happy hour event to celebrate Pride Month. 
  6. And Women with Intent organized a virtual Vision Board event where women could make a physical poster or google slide with their hopes and dreams for 2023.

A collaborative event that made the “must repeat ASAP list” was the ERG Potluck where folks brought in favorite dishes from their cultures and bonded over comfort foods. 

Our theme of 2023 has been, “How can we show up for each other?” And we are rounding out 2H by leaning into our core value of Evolve to Solve. Using feedback from our community leaders on what they need out of the ERG Framework to obtain that coveted feeling of human connection. We are proud of what the ERG Framework has accomplished since 2019, adapting and evolving each year to where it is today, and we are also proud of where it’s going. We know that inclusion is not a destination but rather something that will continue to evolve, so we are eager to continue learning, growing and evolving too! 

Shout out to our very own ERG Community Leaders, Support Members, Communities and the DEI Executive Committee, there is much to celebrate and look forward to.