Elevating native ads in email: Introducing Native Ad Blueprints

As the advertising landscape matures, so have market demands. Gone are the days when unobtrusive native ad formats were a nice-to-have. Today advertisers expect access to ad inventory that provides consumers with the premium ad experiences they desire. And while advertiser demand for these formats has increased, so have operational hurdles for publishers. Ad ops and trafficking teams (often) find themselves burning the midnight oil to ensure the timely launch of campaigns. These and other operational issues cause teams across businesses to lose resources and sight of other, equally essential matters: driving ad revenue, growing their audiences, or selling products that delight.

For these reasons, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Native Ad Blueprints, your solution to efficiently implementing and operationalizing native ads in your email newsletters.

With Native Ad Blueprints, you can build seamless, premium ad experiences your readers will love. Native Ad Blueprints enable you and your team to:

Design custom ad placements that match your template exactly or fit a specific layout of your choice without any HTML tinkering.

Diversify your media kit and expand your monetization program with native direct and programmatic advertising options.

Privilege your marketing campaigns by serving promotions natively to cross-promote paid subscriptions, offers, or products within your newsletters.

Enhance campaigns with people-based targeting options, intent and interest-based optimizations, and reporting to measure engagement and success.

The road to optimizing your native email inventory workflow isn’t a long one anymore. Through a one-time tag placement, you can boost operational efficiency and manage all of your native email inventory through a single platform. Visit our Native Ad Blueprints solution page to get started with native ads in email today.