5 tips from LiveIntenters for staying motivated in the new year

The start of the new year is the perfect time to reflect and set goals for the months ahead. However, it’s not always the easiest to remain consistent and motivated, so we turned to our LiveIntenters to share their best tips on how they stay focused and motivated.

“Creating a weekly to-do list is immensely helpful in not having my goals fall through the cracks, and also having something to look forward to (concerts, trying a new restaurant, etc.) helps push me through the weeks and stay motivated.”

Nicole Venosa, Sales Development Representative

“Schedule your goals, and make them a habit before the motivation that comes with the new year goes away as it naturally will.”

Khawaja Shahrukh, Software Engineer

“I started to collect endorphins again by doing sports to keep my body happy and schedule them in my calendar, so I am not tempted to postpone them.”

Anne Trappiel, Office Administration Associate

“It’s just like the stock market….the worst you can do is go to $0, but the upside is practically unlimited.”

Marc Gluck, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering

“Find someone who is trying to accomplish their own goals. You can hold each other accountable and celebrate all the small and big victories together. Sometimes motivating yourself can get very difficult, so having someone else who is in the same position as you can give you that extra push to not fall behind.”

Shahana Salam, Receptionist

As tip #5 suggests, our supportive community of LiveIntenters keeps us accountable. For example, #pelotonriders is a popular Slack channel and a space for our company’s bike-riding enthusiasts to share their latest milestones, encourage each other, and coordinate classes. Our #workout-wednesdays Slack channel is our community hub for weekly yoga and strength training classes.

In addition, LiveIntent provides a variety of resources to support employees on their journey to staying motivated and accomplishing their goals throughout the year, including:

  • Weekly yoga and strength training classes
  • Monthly health and wellness stipends
  • Premium subscriptions to the meditation app, Calm
  • Access to Eden Health, our telemedicine provider
  • LinkedIn Learning subscriptions
  • Access to Alma, a community of in-network therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals.

With all these great tips from our LiveIntenters, paired with our numerous benefits and resources, we’re excited to make 2022 the best year yet!