Stick to your 2019 publisher resolutions with LiveIntent

If you’re like us, then you know that sticking to your New Year’s resolution takes a lot of focus and work. While we can’t help you hit the gym more or spend less on take-out, LiveIntent is here to help you more easily manage your inventory to increase yield and drive revenue for your email newsletters.

Read on below to learn about the different ways we can help you to expand your efforts and stay true to your resolutions in 2019, as well as some examples of how other clients used them in 2018:

‘Be More Flexible’ – LiveTags 2.0

Last year, we rolled out updated LiveTags that allow for multiple creative sizes to be served within a single LiveTag. The responsive and collapsible ad units can have different floors by ad size, giving you more control over when ads appear in your inventory. Because ad units accept multiple sizes, demand for each unit increases, leading to more revenue.

Client Use Case
One client who has seen great success with LiveTags 2.0 is Patch Media, an independent U.S. local news and information platform that operates in all 50 states. Patch wanted to find more ways to improve revenue with their email inventory; to do so, they reorganized their email taxonomy, implemented Ads.txt, and of course, updated their Tags to LiveTags 2.0. The end result was incredibly positive – Patch increased their eCPMs by 27% and overall revenue by 40% on a YoY basis. Read the case study here.

‘Be More Transparent’ – Ads.txt

Ads.txt is an IAB specification that provides a simple, flexible, and secure method for publishers and distributors to declare who is authorized to sell their inventory. It was created to help sellers combat fraud by improving transparency around who is authorized to sell specific inventory. Ads.txt also helps to increase transparency for programmatic buyers as well, which can improve CPMs and revenue.

Client Use Case
Last year, a leading department store saw great success after implementing Ads.txt to increase their revenue from programmatic demand across the LiveIntent platform. In adding LiveIntent to their Ads.txt, the client improved transparency for programmatic buyers, and the end result was a 91% increase in RTB spend vs. the week prior to implementation. Read the case study here.

‘Drive Programmatic Revenue’ – Private Marketplaces

Private Marketplaces (PMPs) allow publishers to package multiple brands within the same Deal ID for Real-Time Bidding (RTB). With the introduction of PMPs, publishers can create advantageous deals just as they do on the web. As a result, publishers can have greater control over their yield management as it pertains to programmatic buys on their platform. Taking a more automated approach to selling inventory gives publishers the ability to capitalize on programmatic growth, achieve higher CPMs, and maintain pricing and floor control.

Learn More

To find out more about our Private Marketplaces offering, you can watch our PMP/Deal ID Webinar Recording here.

‘Be More Organized’ – Publisher Creative Approval Tool

The Creative Approval Tool is a way for publishers to manage the creatives currently eligible or about to be eligible to run in their inventory with a block list or allow list. So whether you actively monitor or need to quickly block an ad, we have you covered:

  • Easily block a domain across one or all of your publishers at once
  • Better coverage of active and upcoming Campaigns
  • View impressions and creative images for RTB Partners, along with advertiser domain, so you know what you’re adding or blocking.