Advertise where your audience is most engaged. Add email to your media stack.

Email is the most effective channel for reaching an engaged audience. LiveIntent offers full funnel email newsletter advertising within premium publisher content to strengthen the customer experience. 

Full Funnel Solutions

We connect the world’s best publishers and brands with unparalleled, first-party reach.

Our branding solutions expand your advertising beyond your owned and operated customer base to over 240 million subscribers for a more efficient and effective ad-buying process.

321 minutes per day

is spent in email versus 147 minutes on social media.

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36 dollars

are earned for every $1 spent in email.

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60% of GenZ

agrees that email is the most personal channel.

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Top-Notch Inventory, Purchased Efficiently

Our Curated Marketplace ensures your ads are placed within premium publisher newsletters, aligned to contextually relevant content. Pre-select from exclusive inventory, or customize a display, native, or sponsorship package unique to your brand and goals. On-demand access to exclusive inventory saves you time and hassle compared to buying directly across multiple publishers. It is the easiest and most efficient way to advertise in email. We deliver the best creative, audience and optimization tools available at scale.

Native and Sponsorship Placements

Powered by LiveIntent’s blueprint technology, our custom native ad formats empower advertisers to have their creative match the look and feel of existing newsletter content, seamlessly delivering marketing into a newsletter the subscriber raised their hand and asked for. When native ads are combined with branded sponsorships of a newsletter, the results are outstanding. Native Ads drive 6X CTR compared to standard display and sponsorships give you 100% share-of-voice.

Audience Optimization and Performance Metrics

Brands with a customer focus are winning the marketing game. Amplify your audience strategy through LiveAudiences, a collection of 800+ scalable audience segments or utilize your own first party data by onboarding your CRM list. Measure performance with a comprehensive suite of business metrics from brand lift to closed loop attribution, ensuring a thorough understanding of campaign performance.

New! Animated Teasers

Engage viewers with this all-new, eye-grabbing email experience. Convert any video asset into a short form teaser that scales across email for a fun, performant, compelling addition to your media strategy.
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Custom Creator Content

Tap into the creator and influencer community with exclusive access to sponsorships through our partnership with Convertkit. Together we connect advertisers to the most influential creators and their highly engaged audiences. Advertise with hundreds of thousands of creators, netting 2.5 billion email opens a month with 100% SOV, native sponsorships via the LiveIntent platform.