Activate your dormant emails with LiveIntent’s newest solution: Email Reactivation

Too many brands focus on acquiring net new emails versus maximizing the value of existing yet dormant emails. It makes sense: growing an email database means adding to a network effect that is core to monetization today and in the future. However, net-new is only part of the equation.

A dormant email is not the same thing as someone who is disinterested. Many brands have lists of inactive emails built by software that relies on automated decisions. Users have their own lives: Habits, needs, and interests change and change back. For example, you are interested in travel newsletters while traveling but otherwise remain dormant with that newsletter.

Obviously, acquiring new customers is 5 – 25x more expensive, and research shows that increasing customer retention by just 5% means a 95% increase in profits, so why are senders of email so reluctant to activate their dormant list? Everyone who works in the email will tell you: do it the wrong way, and you’ll end up with poor email deliverability rates. That’s where LiveIntent’s newest Identity solution, built on the cutting edge of data science- Email Reactivation, can help. 

When brands understand which of their dormant emails might be interested in re-engaging with the publication, they can immediately activate an opted-in audience  back into the email program. LiveIntent has developed its own email reactivation technology for brands because it is one of the least expensive, most effective methods to drive acquisition for them. 

Email Reactivation, now generally available (GA), recognizes which emails labeled as “dormant” are actually ready to re-engage with a newsletter. It uses the power of LiveIntent’s proprietary identity graph and data science to score email lists to identify, re-target and reactivate people with the highest likelihood of re-engaging with a brand’s email newsletters and alerts. 

Coming out of a successful beta, Email Reactivation has helped publishers, advertisers, and retail companies recognize which inactive emails can easily be converted into performant audiences. 

Some of the results:

example of email reactivation featuring Dailysale

“We already had a decent email reactivation program running with our CRM agency, Alchemy Worx, but the results were astounding when we partnered with LiveIntent and incorporated their solution into our email reactivation program. Since, we’ve seen a 200% increase in click rate, a 178% increase in revenue, and  10x less unsubscribes from our dormant list, which has substantially improved our deliverability.” 

Jay Hoffstater, President at Dailysale

Learn how Email Reactivation can help you grow your business:

1. Winback only high potential customers.

Email Reactivation scores emails based on their engagement across email and the web. This helps advertisers and publishers go after the emails with the highest propensity to engage with their brand.

2. Email cleansing

Email Reactivation can work as a hygiene partner to help advertisers and publishers cleanse their dormant email lists to protect them from spam traps and other undesirable data.

3. Improve email deliverability rate

Email Reactivation also considerably helps improve the deliverability rate and sender reputation since advertisers and publishers reach out to only high-quality, currently inactive customers with the highest likelihood of engagement and lowest likelihood of bounce or unsubscribing.

4. Rebuild your customer base and improve ROI

Since Email reactivation scores emails based on their likelihood of engagement, advertisers and publishers can spend less and make more revenue from lapsed customers. They can then add those newly won-back emails to their active customer list.

5. Run retargeting campaigns 

Users often share their information with a publisher, like an email address, to learn more about a brand or access content. Still, they never make any purchases and stop engaging with the brand after a while. Email Reactivation scores these prospects and helps advertisers and publishers convert them into paid customers by helping the original sender of the email reach these people while they are engaged in the email newsletters and alerts of LiveIntent’s other 2500+ Publishers.

Interested in learning more about LiveIntent’s Email Reactivation solution and how it can help you win back your lapsed customers and prospects? Get in touch today!