Build your customer identity graph with LiveIntent

An identity graph helps advertisers create a unified view of their customers and prospects by linking numerous identifiers to known and unknown profiles while maintaining privacy compliance. These identifiers can be first and third-party cookies, device identifiers, home IP addresses, emails, and customer IDs.

An identity graph also enables capturing customer behavior and preferences across devices and marketing channels. All this data acts as a central repository and enables targeted advertising, personalization, and measurement for improving ROI.

But building and managing a customer identity graph can be challenging.

customer identity graph

From a business standpoint, it includes aggregating data from enterprise silos across various teams like sales, marketing, and external data sources. From the technology side, businesses need a secure, flexible, scalable, and manageable database to maintain an accurate and updated customer identity graph – one that includes billions of interconnected relationships between devices, customer identifiers, channels, and preferences.

LiveIntent’s identity data solutions can help advertisers build their own customer identity graph in a cost-efficient, scalable, and secure way. Let’s take a closer look.

Build a 360 view of your customers

LiveIntent can identify customers and prospects that visit your website and apps without logging in – which has always been a big concern for advertisers. With our data set, we can tell how your customers interact with your multiple domains using various devices, browsers, and locations. We provide hashed email addresses, mobile ad ids (MAIDs), IP addresses, cookies, and demographic and interest-based attributes.

As a result, companies can build a comprehensive view of their users, understand their customers’ behavior across properties and platforms, monetize yield, enrich their customer database, and supercharge their marketing efforts.

Drive personalization with our recommendation engine

Since the core of LiveIntent’s identity graph contains over 900MM active licensed HEMs and 240M people, we can provide online and offline identifiers in real-time that a recommendation engine requires to instantly capture any new interests shown in the customer’s current visit and drive personalization.

Additionally, we match historical and session data to help advertisers build experiences to delight their customers.

Cleanse, update, score, and enrich your customer data

Having incorrect and stale customer data can risk your targeting and measurement abilities. Using our offline identity graph, we can cleanse, update and enrich your customer data to help improve targeting, measurement, and ROI.

LiveIntent can also cleanse and apply predictive analytics to score emails based on their propensity to engage and make recommendations on emails to reactivate. As a result, businesses can run customer win-back campaigns successfully.

Build audiences and segmentation

Your customers visit many web pages and apps, generating billions of cookies across devices. This creates billions of data relationships that carry hidden insights into customer behavior. Our identity graph can help you tap into these data relationships to build audiences based on similar interests and preferences.

Data modeling

Since email addresses are at the center of our identity graph, LiveIntent can provide Hashed Email Address level observations to help you build data models and run marketing campaigns successfully.

Data onboarding

You can connect your offline identifiers with LiveIntent’s identity data connections across web and in-app environments to create more personalized experiences for your customers and reach your target audience more effectively.

Why use LiveIntent to build your own identity graph

Highly scalable

You can take advantage of LiveIntent’s deterministic identity linkages. Our proprietary identity graph has over 900 million active emails tied to over 25 billion identifiers. Our graph also contains 100M+ home IP addresses and over 400 MM offline records.

Easy to get started

You can get the data delivered to a cloud provider of your choice or access highly available LiveIntent APIs. You can get up and running in two weeks.

Secure and privacy-compliant

LiveIntent respects consumer privacy choices across devices, browsers, and media channels. Read our Identity Services Privacy Policy for more information.

Want to learn more about how LiveIntent can help you build your own customer identity graph? Get in touch today!