BID with Intent

Earlier this year, LiveIntenters from across the company launched a group to foster conversation and advocacy for issues related to belonging, inclusion, and diversity. With support from the executive team and leaders, we named it the BID (Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity) with Intent group. 

It has manifested into subgroups that promote best practices within LiveIntent in the following areas:

Recruitment and Retention, People and Events, Professional Development, Ethics and Mediation Additionally, we have monthly meetings that serve as a place to have frank conversations about the issues of our day: diversity, the notions of meritocracy, the conversation around equal pay. We tie it to our company and our experiences, as well as what’s happening in the world.

The group has provided LiveIntent the chance to voice our opinions and feel heard in a space that is safe and welcoming. The BID with Intent mission is to: “Instill diversity, a sense of belonging, and empowerment into LiveIntent’s culture, core values, and vision.”

“Fostering a healthy dialogue within an organization is
key to its success, and I’m so pleased that BID
has picked up
the mantle. I’m looking forward to seeing how they help
to continue to grow
and mature LiveIntent.”

Brett Pinegar