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Solutions for Publishers



Email ad ops is no walk in the park, so your newsletter and alerts, valuable web traffic drivers, becomes cost centers. Or, you're stuck selling the inventory by sponsorship or giving it away for free.


LiveIntent's static HTML LiveTags change all that. Just set-and-forget and extend demand from your website into your email while managing campaigns from our intuitive UI. No changing ESPs required.


  • Maximize the value of your most valuable audience
  • Maintain full control of your inventory
  • Sell your own inventory and/or accept demand from our exchange
  • Save ad ops time and money
  • Achieve 100% sell-through



Every day FeedBlitz was sending out thousands of emails without offsetting this cost. They needed a way to fund their outbound email programs.


Using LiveIntent’s ad serving technology, FeedBlitz is able to insert banner ads into email in real-time, and monetize, while giving marketers the ability to target by device, location and time of day on email open. Additionally, FeedBlitz can easily manage inventory across their network of newsletters through the LiveIntent for Publishers (LFP) intuitive user interface.


  • Saw a 600% increase in revenue, with +$19K in new, cost-free revenue, in the first 2 months
  • Produced a .28% CTR
  • Performance has caused them to ramp the volume of email newsletters, serving close to 20 million impressions per month
  • Referring their direct advertisers to LiveIntent as the way to access their inventory.
  • Recognized by the industry with the "Best Monetization Technology for Publishers" at the 2012 Digiday Publishing Awards


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increase in revenue


Solutions for Advertisers



Consumers today are pulled in many directions, on many devices. How can you make sure that your marketing messages cut through the clutter and reach them when they have intent?


With a single IO, buy your target audience across thousands of email newsletters with LiveIntent. We've created the first network for display in email that targets in real-time, at the moment an email is opened.


  • Engagement 5-10X online display
  • Exclusive premium publishers
  • Target by geography, time of day, demographics, and more
  • Reach your own customers in display with Custom Audience
  • No wasted impressions
  • High impact dedicated also available


Advertiser Policy and Creative Specs


Citi Habitats


Target mobile email users on iOS devices in Northeast Metro areas, including Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.


Run real-time mobile and browser-optimized ads through LiveIntent’s network of premium publishers including College Media Network, Business Insider, DailyBeast, New York Daily News, MediaNews Group and OtherInbox.


  • Reached their precise target audience and achieved .25% CTR.
  • Achieved +400K impressions at a bid of $10 CPM.
  • Drove +500 downloads (1 download per 1000 views)
  • All impressions served to targeted GEOs
  • Advertiser’s downloads dropped < 3 days after end of campaign


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Solutions for ESPs


Increase in email use
between 2010 and 2012


Solutions for DSPs



Buying advertising at scale typically means buying lower quality, remnant impressions that are difficult to account for and measure.


LiveIntent’s Exchange opens up the wealth of premium ad inventory available in the email channel in publisher’s newsletters and alerts. Target opt-in subscribers in real-time just as you’re used to in display, by age, gender, geography, device, time of day, and more. Moreover, you’ll be reaching a premium, subscriber audience that is engaged with content they trust and appreciate.


The LiveIntent Exchange is the only marketplace for DSPs and agency trading desks to access and target the premium opt-in subscriber audience. See our curent DSP and ATD partners!


Solutions for Data Providers



Advertisers are highly dependent on accurate targeting data to make the right bidding decisions.


LiveIntent can easily integrate with DMPs and other third-party data providers making a wealth of targetable data available to advertisers in the email channel.


With the power of DMPs and real-time decisioning, our advertisers can target audiences more accurately and bid for exactly the impressions they want based on demographics, psychographics, and more.


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  • Explore thousands of newsletters available on the LiveIntent Exchange
  • Search and sort newsletters and alerts by Publisher and Category
  • View exact ad placements within the full-size view of each newsletter.