Nordstrom Rack Drives Online Purchases with Dynamic Product Ads

  • 4,000+ conversions

  • 8.6% click-to-conversion rate




Online Purchases


Nordstrom Rack is the off-price retail subsidiary of its parent company, Nordstrom Inc, a massive upscale fashion retailer in the United States. For over 40 years, Nordstrom Rack has been offering many of the same high-quality designer brands customers love at lower prices than generally sold in department stores.


Nordstrom Rack wanted to drive online shoppers looking to buy shoes and accessories to their website.


Working with LiveIntent, Nordstrom Rack developed a full-funnel customer acquisition campaign. Before their campaign started, they installed LiveConnect to track website engagements and build dynamic website audiences.

To drive high-value traffic to shoes and accessories pages on their website, Nordstrom Rack targeted male and female shoppers across the LiveIntent exchange while suppressing known customers who’d recently made a purchase.

Once a shopper had visited the Nordstrom Rack website, they leveraged dynamic website audiences and dynamic product ads to retarget those folks with personalized ads featuring the shoe and accessory products they had shown an interest in purchasing.

Using LiveConnect, Nordstrom Rack was able to close the loop and attribute all of the online conversions driven by their lead-gen and retargeting strategies.


Overall, Nordstrom Rack won 4,000+ conversions from their remarketing strategy and an 8.6% click-to-conversion rate.

“We’ve been able to generate a significant number of conversions with LiveIntent by driving quality site traffic and reaching our site visitors with relevant ads after they’ve left the site."

Emily Larson Hausner, Display Marketing Manager

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