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Pioneer The Final Frontier of Marketing

Accelerate Your AdTech/MarTech Convergence

LiveIntent Webinar featuring Forrester

People-based Marketing promises to be the final frontier of marketing, enabling marketers to connect to customers everywhere with relevant messaging and accurately measure the impact.

But true People-based Marketing requires convergence of a marketer’s advertising and marketing technology, and while 58% are talking about it, few are taking action.

Join LiveIntent and our guests, Joe Stanhope, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester and leading expert on the intersection of marketing and technology; and Jess Jacobs, Director of Marketing at Wayfair and digital marketing, media and technology expert.

Arm yourself with the information needed to lead the conversation, accelerate convergence, and bring your company to the forefront.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The State of the AdTech/Martech Convergence. What are your marketing peers thinking and doing?
  • How to Kick-Start Your Journey. Ask the experts questions in real-time!
  • Practical Applications and Processes.How you can master advertising and marketing technology and data capabilities.

Meet the Speakers

Joe Stanhope

VP, Principle Analyst Forrester

Joe is a Vice President and Principal Analyst, serving B2C Marketing Professionals. His research focuses on exploring strategies for leveraging technology - including enterprise marketing software suites, customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, and identity management - to deliver relevant and engaging customer experiences.

Jess Jacobs

Director Marketing, Wayfair

Jess is a Director of Marketing for Wayfair, responsible for Display, Social, Content and App marketing. Her team’s goal is to find new customers and introduce them to the brand for the first time and engage Wayfair’s existing customer base to drive incremental sales.

Nick Dujnic

VP Marketing, LiveIntent

Nick is Vice President of Marketing at LiveIntent, where he leads the branding, content and lead generation efforts. He also hosts the award-winning video blog, LiveIntentional, where he breaks down the biggest news, trends and tech in digital media using a blend of humor, pop-culture and plain language.