Futureproof Your Website Monetization with the nonID from LiveIntent

With the inevitable deprecation of third-party cookies fast approaching, publisher inventory and audiences are at risk of being undervalued by programmatic partners. By enabling the LiveIntent Identity Module within Prebid, you could earn more from the mobile web and anonymous browser inventory you struggle to monetize today with a solution that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies.

By partnering with LiveIntent, you could:

  • Earn More. Increase the percentage of website visitors you can identify without requiring a login to monetize every impression across browsers and devices.
  • Improve Addressability. Provide buyers with the insights they need to identify their target audiences amongst your readers without cookie-syncs.
  • Take Control. Safely bridge whatever ID you use with brands and technology partners using the most common, stable identifier available - the nonID, a first-party identifier representing an encrypted email address.

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Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form and activating the LiveIntent ID sub-module in Prebid.js, you hereby agree, on behalf of your Organization (“You”, “Company”), to these Terms established below between Company and LiveIntent, Inc. (“LiveIntent”):

In adding LiveIntent’s ID to your Prebid.js package, Company discloses or makes available Personal Information from site visitors to LiveIntent. In addition, LiveIntent may collect and process information regarding Company’s customers, end users, email recipients, and other individuals that (i) alone or in combination with other information reasonably identifies, relates, to describes, or could be linked with a particular individual or household, and (ii) may be considered to be personal data or personal information as defined under, or otherwise governed by, applicable data protection laws (“Personal Information”). Except for Personal Information collected from individuals in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, the Personal Information made available to LiveIntent is used to (i) connect with and reference data that already exists in LiveIntent’s graph (the “LiveIntent Identity Graph”), and (ii) authenticate and validate data in aggregate to improve the performance of the services LiveIntent provides. Notwithstanding the foregoing, LiveIntent shall only use and disclose Personal Information collected from individuals in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland for purposes of providing Marketing and Advertising Services, as described in the Marketing and Advertising Services Privacy Policy, available at https://www.liveintent.com/services-privacy-policy/#marketing-services.

You hereby certify that Company has, at or before the point of collecting Personal Information or making Personal Information available to LiveIntent, provided any legally required notices, obtained any legally required consents, and provided individuals with an opportunity to opt-out of the sharing of Personal Information, if such an opt-out is required under applicable laws, such that LiveIntent can provide service to you as described here and in LiveIntent’s privacy policies for the services which can be found at https://www.liveintent.com/services-privacy-policy/ .